The Advantages Of fiber Laser Cleaning Machine-Anne

The advantages of fiber laser cleaning machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine is a high-tech equipment for surface cleaning.if  Laser cleaner can remove object’s surface including resin, grease, stains, dirt, rust material, etc. This machine have many advantages.To help you know more laser cleaning machine,share some details to you.

Special cleaning control system features

if 1. Professional laser cleaning control system, easy to operate, we can adjust various parameters according to the application case, so as to give fiber laser generator and galvanometer high performance control. 

SO2. Self-developed spiral cleaning mode, spiral series, customer can set up scan length and width by themselves and this machine can clean surface

Special cleaning system features

if 1. Professional laser cleaning optical design, high damage threshold galvanometer lens, to meet long running time of high-power laser

so 2. High performance laser galvanometer with high scanning speed, so to meet various demand of laser cleaning.if

Equip with laser cleaning head storage device

 Combined with the characteristics of laser cleaning environment, so  developing a laser head storage device to reduce the impact of environment and transportation on fiber laser cleaning head.

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