Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Here more info about fiber laser cleaning machine introduce to you.

Now more and more customers inquire and interest fiber laser cleaning machine now.

Several fiber laser cleaning machine advantages share with you here.

Firstly: Cleaning method.

Laser cleaning, and Contactless.

It just clean the surface rust and oil, it will not damage the products, so you can be assured about this.

You can check the laser working principle as follows,










Secondly: Workpiece damage.

Fiber laser cleaning machine no Workpiece damage, this is very important for user.

Becuase they don’t worry the extra cost for the fiber laser cleaning machine.

Thirdly: Cleaning efficiency.

Fiber laser cleaning machine has high cleaning efficiency.

For example: cleaning efficiency.

0.5mm rust:

100W fiber laser cleaning machine can cleaning one square meter per hour.

200W fiber laser cleaning machine can cleaning 3 square meter per hour.

300W fiber laser cleaning machine can cleaning 5 square meter per hour.

500W fiber laser cleaning machine can cleaning 8 square meter per hour.

If you don’t know which power fiber laser cleaning machine is suitable for your work, you just need to contact us, and we will give you suitable and best program for you.

Fourth: High cleanliness

Fiber laser cleaning machine has high cleanliness, this is decided by its laser working principle.

Belowe is the cleaning pictures you can check it.

Fifth: Running cost.

Running cost is one important part for every user.

Whole machine almost no consumables, it is just the protective lens and nozzles.

Normally using protective lens and nozzles will not be damaged.

We will provide free 6 piece nozzles and 2 protective lens when shipping machine.

Hope you know more fiber laser cleaning machine.

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