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 Factors affecting the speed of the laser cutting machine

Factors affecting the speed of the laser cutting machine.

Iron metal sheet laser cutting machine

With the maturity of fiber lasers, laser cutting has long replaced traditional processes and has become the mainstream of sheet metal processing. And the advantages of laser cutting are: high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, smooth and flat cutting surface (no secondary processing), small working area, narrow slit, small thermal deformation, flexible process, low noise, clean and pollution-free production process. And Laser cutting truly makes the metal cutting process fast, accurate, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Meanwhile metal processing has entered the era of automation, flexibility, intelligence and high efficiency. And the main purpose of our laser cutting machine is to improve efficiency. While in the process of using. Do you know which factors affect the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine?

Below, list the factors affecting the speed of the laser cutting machine:

First different materials.

Secondly different thickness.

Thirdly different output power.

Fourth beam mode.

How do we increase the cutting speed of laser cutting machines?

First select a suitable high power laser cutting machine;

Secondly improve beam mode;

Thirdly focus on laser cutting;

Fourth daily maintenance and maintenance can also improve efficiency and extend machine life.