Factors affecting laser cutting machine element- Damon

With the maturity of fiber lasers, laser cutting has long replaced the tradditonal process. And  laser cutting also has become the mainstream of sheet metal processing. The advantages of laser cutting are high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed. And also smooth and flat cut surface(no need to secondary processing). It has small working area, thus can do narrow cutting. And it has small thermal deformation and flexible process. Furthermore, it also has clean and polution-free production process. Laser cutting truly makes the metal cutting process more fast, accurate, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.  Since then, metal processing has entered an era of automation, flexibility, intelligence, and efficiency. The main purpose of our use of laser cutting machines is to improve efficiency. But in the process of use, do you know what factors will affect the cutting speed of laser cutting machines? Here is the factors, it will affect the cutting speed.

.Because of ifferent mateials

.Different thickness

.Different input power

.Beam pattern

laser cutter

How can we increase the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine?

.Choose a suitable high-power fiber laser cutting machine

.Improve the beam parttern

.Focus on laser cutting

.Doing a good job for daily maintenance and it also can improve efficiency and extend the service life of the machine

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