Enclosed Jewelry fiber laser marking machine -Jill

Enclosed Jewelry fiber laser marking machine  from XT LASER

Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machine – Main components:

1.Firstly, Fiber laser source: IPG/Raycus/JPT laser source

2. Secondly,F-theta lens: Singapore wavelength brand ,110mm engraving and cutting area.

3. Thirdly,Galvo head: Sino brand galvo head,SG2206, good quality.

4. Fourthly,Computer: Lenovo laptop,Win10

5. And also,Control software: EZcad 2.14.10 original control software for machine

6. And also,Manual Pillar:500mm electric z-axis pillar

7. And also,Protect glass: With CE  FDA certification

8. And,Extra red light: To help you find best focus position. Free of charge.

9. And,Rotary device: Optional, for round object like rings and bracelet

10. And,2D work tableoptional and other standard parts standard

Jewelry laser marking machine – sample

30w can cut up to 0.7mm brass, gold, silver. But better cut within 0.5mm, will be higher speed.

50W can cut up to 1.2mm brass , gold, silver. But better cut within 1mm, will be higher speed.

Most customer also choose the fixture device and dust collector. Work together with the rotary device and machine.

Here are some Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machine cut sample. Just for your reference.

Enclosed Jewelry laser marking machineMore questions just let us know.
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