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Operation Guide of Cutter to opreate the cutter – Damon

Operation Guide of Cutter – The fiber laser is the core equipment of the fiber laser cutting machine. It has a great impact on the use of the whole machine after its failure.So The internal condensation of the fiber laser has a lot to do with the bad operating habits of the fiber laser. In order to reduce the failure rate of the fiber laser . Please pay attention to the following when operating the fiber laser cutting machine:

Strictly follow the order of the operation guide of cutter machine can reduce the risk of condensation inside of the fiber laser cutters, thereby reducing the laser failure.

Operation guide of cutter – Fiber laser cutting machine boot sequence:

1.Check if is there any items. It will affect the safe operation of the machine around the machine’s operating range.

2.Switch on the fiber laser cutting machine main power and the each branch control power.

3.Checking out the regulator is running normally after turn on the regulator.

4.Switch on the fiber laser power. And keep its own air conditioner or internal desuperheater of the fiber laser cutter work for more than 30 minutes.

5.Turn on the air compressor after the fiber laser is turned on for 20 minutes. And check whether the air compressor is running normally.

6.Open the air control valve and the dryer. To check whether the operation status of the dryer is normal. And whether the air pressure is normal.

7.Open the cutting assist gas control valve according to the cutting needs. To check whether the cutting auxiliary gas pressure is normal.

Operation guide of cutter – Fiber laser cutting machine shutdown sequence

1. Shut down fan or dust collector.

2. Turn off the high voltage of the fiber laser, return the machine to the original point. Then close the control system as required. After the control system is closed, press the power off button to turn off the control system power and turn off the machine’s main power.

3. Turn off the cold water chiller.

4. Shut down the dryer, and each pneumatic control valve.

5. Turn off the air compressor.

6. Shutdown regulator.

7. Turn off the power switch of each branch. And the main power switch of the fiber laser machine


Quick boot operation skills only for reference

When the customer shuts down at night, the fiber laser power switch is still on. Thus the air conditioner or internal dehumidifier of the fiber laser always in a state of work. And the power consumption is small. It is not necessary to wait for 30 minutes when the fiber laser is turned on the next day.

Fiber laser requirements for cooling water

It is necessary to replace the fiber laser cooling water for three months. The cooling water is Watson’s distill water. The conductivity requirement is from 30us/cm to 50us/cm. If the conductivity is greater than 50us/cm, the cooling water should be replaced in time. if the conductivity is less than 30us/cm, tap water could add the cooling water. When adding tap water, pay attention to monitoring the conductivity value to avoid the conductivity exceeding the requirements.