How Does Tube Nesting Software Improve the Efficiency of Tube Laser Cutting

How Does Tube Nesting Software Improve the Efficiency of Tube Laser Cutting-Serena

1. Flexible graphics correction to ensure cutting accuracy

In pipe cutting, the pipe to be processed is a space curved surface with a complex shape. It will be difficult to program and process by conventional methods, which requires the operator to select the correct processing path and appropriate reference point according to the processing technology requirements. In this process, once the operation is improper, there may be problems of shape deviation and position deviation. The professional pipe nesting software can flexibly correct the graphics manually, ensure the perforation accuracy, and solve the problem of low cutting accuracy for customers.

2. Co-edge cutting to improve cutting efficiency

Some tube laser cutting machines without professional nesting software cannot automatically sort the cut parts during the process of cutting tubes, resulting in low cutting efficiency. The professional tube nesting software can cut the gaps of different parts with the same edge, and at the same time can automatically piece together the combination, which can reduce the number of cuttings, improve the cutting efficiency, and reduce the waste of tubes. For example, if a pipe is cut with 10 parts, the common edge cutting saves the cutting process of 9 cut surfaces. Each tube can save 1 minute, and cutting 100 tubes a day saves almost 2 hours.

3. Support the processing of special steel profiles

When processing special steel profiles, ordinary pipe laser cutting machines are prone to uneven cutting. The professional nesting software can not only edit L angle steel and C channel steel, but also support special tool paths for curve segmentation. Special tool path refers to the cutting line of channel steel, angle steel and I-beam. If the I-beam with uneven wall thickness cannot be cut through, the special tool path can be divided into curves. Divide the thicker area, put it on another layer, and finally merge the connecting lines to avoid multiple perforations.

It can be seen that the use of professional pipe nesting software can effectively improve the problems of low pipe cutting efficiency, poor pipe cutting quality, and serious waste of pipe materials, thereby improving the production and processing efficiency of enterprises.