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Fiber laser welder in metal industry

Most of customers choose fiber laser welder to weld metal instead of yag laser welder. Such as stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,etc,. But customers always are confused on the welding ability.How to choose the suitable machine watt?Here we would like to share more with u.

The welding machine is not same as the the cutting machine.we can not only say ability.
Generally we use two kinds of words to learn the welding capability.
Welding depth(melt depth) and welding ability.

 Melt depth

1.Firstly,Welding depth is not related to the welding is the melt depth.
for 400 w,steel:2.5mm .aluminum:0.25mm
and then,for 500 w,steel:3mm. aluminum:0.3mm

Welding ability

2.Secondly,Welding ability(it is related to ur welding situation,such as the Stitching welding , Penetration welding)

1)Firstly,for stitching welding

For 400 w,steel:1.5mm .aluminum:1mm
For 500 w,steel:2mm .aluminum:2mm

2)Secondly,for Penetration welding

For 400 w,steel : 1mm
For 500 w,steel: 1.5mm

As u know,aluminum is high-reflective it is difficult to do penetration welding.So we do not suggest that.

In the end,in a word, the above ability is only our experience.Different materials and situation,different ability.

Hope this can help u to learn more about the machine ability.

Here is our handheld welding machine photo

More questions just let us know.
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