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Fiber laser cutting machine several functions – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine several functions

Fiber laser cutting machines are cutting machines with excellent performance. And it has excellent performance in many industries. Can it process punching nets? What are the advantages? It is a topic that many friends care about. So below we have our technical staff to solve doubts for everyone. Then you can see fiber laser cutting machine several functions.

The punching net actually puts holes of different shapes on the metal plate to meet the equipment requirements.


Nowadays, the use of punching nets is becoming more and more common. And it has applied in various industries, including pharmaceutical equipment, sound-absorbing equipment, and some filtering equipment. Then the most common thing we have is the filter. The most primitive processing method for the general processing of punching nets is the use of punch press processing. Which is simple and convenient, and fast!

However, the punching machine is not a panacea.

Generally, for a carbon steel sheet having a thickness of more than 14 mm and a stainless steel sheet of more than 5 mm. And it is difficult to process the effect we want. So if the metal sheet having a relatively high flexibility is used. Then the punching process greatly deform. Or the punching net that processes some complicate graphics can’t meet the requirements.
The fiber laser cutting machine can cut and process various metal plates of different patterns. And the processing precision can reach about 0.01mm. Then the processing aperture can reach about 0.5mm. Not only the cutting precision is high, but also the processing speed is fast. Although it is not as fast as the punching machine, it is much more flexible than the punching machine. In particular, the product update is fast. And the processing of small batch products requires different molds for the press, which will greatly increase the cost.

However, fiber laser cutting machines can only be solved by computer operation drawing.


The most important thing is that there is no big restriction on the thickness of the sheet. Whether it is thick or thin, it can process, and there is no deformation. It is the best new processing method for punching net.
It can see that the fiber laser cutting machine can not only process the punching net, but also has many advantages compared with the traditional processing method. And is worthy of popularization and application. It is believed that with the continuous improvement and improvement of process technology, fiber laser cutting machines will have more outstanding performance in the industrial field.