How to clean metal laser cutting machine dust?—Winnie | XTLASER

How to clean metal laser cutting machine dust?—Winnie

How to clean metal laser cutting machine dust?

Now when you purchase a metal laser cutting machine, you can choose a wide range of applicability. It can use to process small pieces, such as small nameplates.  And can also cut and cut whole boards in batches. With the increasing monthly benefits of fiber laser cutting machines. It is inevitable that a large amount of dust will generate during daily use.  After a long time, the machine will precipitate on the machine. In order to better maintain and maintain the machine. And not to How to clean the machine, how should we clean the dust in the engraving machine?

1. First of all

the dust on the machine surface of the metal laser cutting machine does not matter. But it can clean anyway, but it is not recommend to clean the dust inside the machine. It is easy to scratch the laser head when it is improperly removed. Cannot be accurately positioned.

2, secondly,

as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, it does not affect the use. The safest method is to invert the metal laser cutting machine (laser head down) with a blower (a tool for cleaning digital SLR CCD, very cheap) ) blow off the dust.

3. In addition,

special attention should  pay to the replacement of water and the cleaning of the water tank.  (It is recommend to clean the water tank once a week and replace the circulating water once).
Metal laser cutting machine dust mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of photosensitive elements. Common phenomena include malfunction of the optical inspection, the CPU fan of the computer does not turn, and so on. Then metal laser cutting machine in addition to dust affects the processing process, there are some factors that will affect.

What are the factors that affect the processing of metal laser cutting machines?

1. The impact of the metal laser cutting machine power supply on the processing is the most direct, mainly the control system disorder. Each electronic device and each functional component of the SMC control system has a certain voltage and frequency range. The overload operation of any component inevitably leads to instability of the entire system. A common phenomenon is machining offset.

2. The influence of the vibration of the metal laser cutting machine is reflect in frequent broken tools and the surface is not smooth. The common reason is that the machine tool is touching during the machining process, the level of machine tool installation is unqualified, and there is a punch around.

3, metal laser cutting machine generally does not appear tool collapse and broken edge caused by the engraving surface is not smooth, there are jagged phenomena. It is found that the engraved surface is not smooth and has a jagged phenomenon. It should be checked whether the model size of the knives used is suitable. If the shank is extended too long, the knives will be deformed at the processing time, which will result in a machined surface. Not smooth and jagged.

4, metal laser cutting machine ambient temperature and humidity mainly affect the performance of the control system, the performance of the drive motor. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the control system may have erroneous control, and the driving torque of the drive motor may not reach the rated value.