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How can we choose a laser cutting machine-Wendy

How can we choose a laser cutting machine

How can we choose a laser cutting machine

Usually we classify laser cutting machines according to the type of laser. So how can we classify according to the structure of the laser cutting machine ?

Firstly. the lasers configured by the equipment should  select according to the user’s processing performance, processing materials, shape, size, etc. The available lasers are available as co2 axis fast current laser, RF board debugging laser, cyclone laser, solid. Lasers and fiber lasers, etc.

Secondly. from the driving mode of the equipment, the X and Y axes use the single-side servo motor to configure the corresponding reducer.

And use the high-precision rack and pinion drive structure; the X-axis bilaterally selects the servo motor to configure the corresponding reducer.

High-precision rack and pinion drive structure, with double gears to eliminate backlash drive; servo motor with high-precision ball screw for direct drive, disc-type large inertia motor direct gear, rack drive; and linear motor Direct drive structure.

Thirdly. The guide rails of  laser cutting machines are usually equipping with high-precision linear guides and equipped with automatic lubrication devices. The single-sided linear guide rail is equipping with a roller structure, which is a typical structure with good cost-effectiveness and convenient adjustment; the other structure is a drive unit structure that directly adopts the combination of drive and guide rails, which is easier to install and debug. More convenient, accuracy is easy to guarantee, but the cost is higher.

 To sum up

The steel production unit processes a large amount of metal materials every day. Among them, the cutting operation is one of the most common processing methods. When cutting metal materials, professional equipment is generally use, which ensures that the material cutting effect conforms to the production and processing. Requirements can also make the cutting operation more precise and reasonable. There are many types of cutting machines, and fiber laser cutting machines are one of them.