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Automatic loading and unloading system–Oriole

Automatic loading and unloading system 

More and more manufacturers like automatic cnc machine very much. We will talk about automatic loading and unloading system in this passage.

First, ordinary laser cutting machine

Automatic loading and unloading system laser cutter
                                   fiber laser cutter

Firstly, an ordinary laser cutting machine requires two people to operate, one person looking after the equipment, and one person picking the material. And two people loading the material together. It is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming for simple cutting (quickly complete cutting) and thick plate cutting. Besides, low efficiency.

Common loading mechanism is suitable for single material and thickness, suitable for single batch production. But the laser automatic loading and unloading system can automatically complete the loading and unloading according to the production requirements of various materials and thicknesses.

Second, automaticly loading and unloading laser cutter


Firstly, the laser cutting loading and unloading system can automatically pick up various sheets cut on the laser worktable. Small workpieces will be placed in a container, and will place larger workpieces on a pallet or transport truck for sorting. And a large number of workpieces can be sorted through various controllable vacuum suction cups.

Secondly, the laser cutting system not only has the characteristics of flexible robot movement and high flexibility, but also has the advantages of laser cutting, such as fast cutting speed, good quality, and narrow slitting. It satisfies the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing. At the same time, use robot in the laser Related technologies in the cutting field can not only technically meet the requirements of complex three-dimensional cutting, but also help improve the quality of industrial products. While reducing production costs, which can bring huge economic benefits to enterprises.


The laser cutting automatic loading and unloading system can make the production process more automatic and efficient. Nowadays, the sheet metal processing industry is actively preparing for the introduction of automated production. And the automatic system is undoubtedly a weapon to improve efficiency and pursue a higher return on investment.  All in all, the intelligent automation system will enable enterprises to Obtain an excellent advantage in market competition.


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