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Application of fiber laser tube cutting machine

Application of fiber laser tube cutting machine

Nowadays, fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular.Some machines are suitable for cutting boards.

Now the professional cutting machine cutting pipe technology is also very mature.

Laser tube cutting machine is suitable for high efficiency and precision cutting of welding tube, high pressure boiler tube, pipe tube, lamp shade, etc.

The machine can be use for mass production in petroleum, metallurgy, bearing and other industries.

Fiber laser tube cutting machine can automatically realize the steel pipe feeding, sizing, clamping, knife feeding, automatic circulation and other functions.

Thus, the continuous automatic processing is realize, and the work efficiency is greatly improve, so as to provide a continuous mass production solution for enterprises.

Next, I will introduce the laser tube cutting machine to you. Matters for attention are as follows:

First of all, laser cutting machine cutting speed, no burr, cutting perpendicular to the pipe axis.

Secondly, the laser tube cutting machine has a compact and lightweight structure.

So it is ideal for field installation or workshop work.

Thirdly, the cutting knife of the laser cutting machine is very close to the clamping system,

So as to avoid the vibration of the pipeline, to ensure no deformation.

Fourthly, the laser cutting machine only needs to add an automatic electrical conversion control system and a welding power source to realize the all-position welding function.

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