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tips for chose laser machine-Ivy

The fiber laser cutting technology is already quite mature in current metal processing industry and takes a very large market share. But there are still many users being not clear about how to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine for their business. Pls follow us,here sharing tips for chose laser machine:

1. Learn about your materials:

Before making a purchase, you should consider the scope of your business.  The material types that need to be cut. The thickness of cutting materials. And then determine the power and size of the equipment that can fit your work need. Currently, the power of fiber laser cutting machines on the market ranges from 500W to 8000W. And the size of the workbench can be customized by fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers according to your applications.

2. Selection of fiber laser cutter manufacturers:

It’s recommended that you could select several companies with rich manufacturing experience and competitive prices to conduct further communication and make samples. In the later period, you can have an on-the-spot inspection and conduct more detailed. Including  cutting parameters, machine price, operation training, payment method, and after-sales services.

3. The range of fiber laser power:

When considering fiber laser cutting machine performance. We should fully consider its work capability and the range of laser power. For example, if you often cut the metal sheets of no more than 6mm. Then a 500W-700W laser cutting machine can meet the production demand. If you want to cut materials of more than 6mm, then you should consider a larger laser power. Which helps the cost control of your company.

4. The core parts of fiber laser cutting machine:

Some important parts of fiber laser metal cutter need special attention when choosing a fiber laser equipment. In particular, laser generators, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc. Because these components have a direct influence on the cutting speed and precision of the equipment.

5. Evaluate the quality and stability of fiber laser cutter:

Now the product development cycle is short, and product upgrade is faster and faster. How to ensure the quality and quantity of customer orders, maintain corporate reputation, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is an arduous task for each manufacturer. Try to choose the brands with high product quality, work stability, and sound after-sales service system.

6. Reliable and professional after-sales service:

Each manufacturer’s after-sales service varies widely, and the length of the warranty is also different. Professional after-sales service not only provides customers with an effective daily maintenance program, but also has a professional training system to help customers get started as soon as possible. Users will encounter various problems during processing. When encountering problems that customers cannot deal with, it is particularly important that the manufacturer can provide timely solutions. This also is a key factor that you need to consider when purchasing a fiber metal laser cutting machine.

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