How to choose the best laser to permanently mark plastics? -Ariel | XTLASER

How to choose the best laser to permanently mark plastics? -Ariel

How to choose the best laser to permanently mark plastics?

This article is about how to choose the best laser to permanently mark plastics.

Plastics have become irreplaceable in most industries, with an increasing need for identification and traceability. Natural, coloured, transparent, doped or undoped with multiple additives, plastic reacts differently depending on the laser used.
Here share you  some application examples and best suited laser technologies.

Whatever your application:

From technical plastic production to finished products, identification operations need to be carried out for:

  • Internal traceability: automated production data marking optimizes industrial process and helps meet standards requirements.
  • Product identification: permanent marks give product information and use instructions and last for the complete life cycle.
  • Unique identifiers implementation: camera-readable 2D codes enable to track & trace every single item.
  • Aesthetic engraving and personalization: nice marks add value to final products but are also necessary on signs for public orientation and safety warnings.
  • Precise cutting: laser technology allows fine and clea cutting of many shapes in acrylic, rubber, thick plexiglass…

What technology should be chosen?

  • Integrable CO2 laser: generating readable marks at high rates with low contrast, it is the affordable solution for internal traceability in the automotive, aerospace and plastics industries
  • UV laser: It offer higher contrast and surface marking. And the UV laser enables marking of a large variety of plastics without heat stress. Ideal for small, sensitive components in the medical, electronics and semi-conductor industries.
  • MOPA laser: it can adjust the Pulse width and Pulse frequency, so MOPA laser is more flexible.


  • FIBER laser: not always associated with plastic marking, Fiber lasers produce very good results on some technical plastics and also allow fine coating removal. And of course excels at metal marking.

Anyway,plastic is a complex material.It  will have different effect on different plastic,colors. So it will be better if you can send us your material to test.Then you can choose the most suitable machine for you.

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