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How to protect the cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine-June

How to protect the cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine

How to protect the cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine

Protective lenses, as the name implies, are used to prevent dust and slag from splashing and to protect the focusing lens.

In addition to those used in fiber laser cutting machines, other laser equipment such as laser marking, laser welding, and laser engraving are also essential. It can be seen that the application market of protective lenses is very large.


Choose laser cutting machine lens protection three steps:


First of all, the overall size is match, which is easy to understand;


Second, the material considers the cost of use based on different laser powers. You can choose K9, quartz. However, in the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide the materials into two types, and the customer can select the appropriate specifications according to actual needs.


Finally, the coating, laser AR coating, is based on the use of different coating specifications.

Although the protective lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is a wearing part,

In order to increase its utilization rate and reduce production costs.

You can clean the lens regularly for recycling purposes.


The following are three cleaning steps summarized by Xintian Laser:

1) The protective lens material is ZnS (zinc arsenic), which is more brittle and afraid of falling.

Be careful when disassembling: not too hard, can not collide with hard objects.

Surface anti-reflective film, afraid of pollution, afraid of wet, afraid of greasy, afraid of scratching.

It require to provide dry, degreased air during work. Do not directly operate the laser cutter lens to protect the lens because the skin will cause permanent fat damage to the lens surface.

Instead, you can use gloves and special kits, while for smaller lenses, optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers are more convenient.


2) Under normal circumstances, the laser cutting machine should inspecte before and after cleaning to protect the lens.

Since most contaminants and surface defects are relatively small in size. We often need to amplify the device while inspecting the lens.

In addition to expanding the equipment, sometimes we need to illuminate the optical surface with a brighter beam. Enhancing the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects, making contaminants and defects more easily identified.

3) When cleaning the laser cutting machine to protect the lens, always use clean wiping paper and optical grade solvent to prevent damage from other pollutants.

Dry with wet paper, do not use dry.

In terms of softness considered, available wiping papers are cotton Webril wipes or cotton balls, lens paper and cotton applicator applicators.