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50W Fiber laser marking machine for metal-Ivy

50W Fiber laser marking machine for metal

1.marking content:

Firstly,Fiber laser marking machine can be used for marking logo, serial number, bar code and other beautiful patterns

2.application material:

Can work on any metallic materials such as stainless steel, titanium, brass, gold, silver, aluminum and lots of engineering plastic products such as mobile cover & charger, consume electronics housing and etc.

3.laser power:

Our laser marking machine adopts the best quality fiber laser source in the world. We have  20w, 30w , 50w and 100w for optional.

4.laser source life:

The estimated life for laser source will be around 100,000hours, which is 10 times longer life than diode laser and 2 times longer life than other fiber laser source.

5.popular model

This Portable Fiber metal Laser Marking Machine is very easy to use, small, light, moveable. It is your best choice.

6. Also about the after sales service:8 hours. After receiving the user’s repairing call, the after-sales engineer will have a quick reply within 24 hours

7.And then about the warranty details: Three years warranty for full machine.

8.Delivery time:3-5 working days after received deposit.

20W/30w/50w/100w portable laser marking machine. The weight is about 70kg, which can mark metal.please contact WhatsApp/WeChat: +8617864184107