Is the dual source laser equipment the right equipment for you?-Bunny

In the laser market, you will notice that there has been a large increase in the number of dual source laser system options. The reason? The demand exists! It is very attractive to have more options with a single laser system. The reason? The demand exists! It is very attractive to have more options with a single laser system. With the dual source system, you can choose the best laser source for your application, easily and quickly.

For people who have just started with laser systems, the double source systems we are referring to include both CO2 and fiber laser sources in a single system. The CO2 laser system has a very versatile laser frequency and works well with wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, marble and much more. However, what CO2 systems do not do is to engrave in-depth metals, which is where the additional feature of fiber laser source comes into play. Depending on the system, you can exchange sources or operate them alternately; You should only select when you want to use each of the sources.

The benefit of a double laser source system is its versatility. But in what other situations would a dual source system be the right choice for your application?

1. Do you plan on mainly using only one source?

Will the CO2 laser operate 85% of the time since it only occasionally needs the fiber laser? So the double source is a good way to add additional material processing capabilities without adding a second equipment to the floor of your workshop.

It is important to remember that you can only use one laser source at the same time in the dual source system, so you will not be able to run CO2 and fiber jobs simultaneously. If you plan to have both the CO2 laser systems occupied and 100% of the time, then it may be a better option for you to purchase a CO2 system and a fiber system independently.

2. Do you have a limited amount of space?

If you have limited space on the floor of the workshop, a double source system can be a very attractive option. If you only have space for one team, then a dual source system is an excellent way to maximize the capabilities of your machinery without the need to expand your physical work space.

3. Does your product contain both metal and other material?

Do you have a product that contains both metallic and wooden areas that you would like to customize? Or plastic and steel? And chrome and leather? Then a dual source system may be the right option for your application. A dual source system allows you to record with both the CO2 laser (wood, acrylic, leather, etc.) and with the fiber (metal) laser in a single job sent to the laser system.

So, now you can better decide if a dual source system is right for you. When you start the purchase process having asked the right questions, you will be better prepared to decide if a double source system or two independent CO2 and fiber laser systems are suitable for your situation.