Do not choose an inferior protective lens for laser cutting head-Yan

The cutting head of the laser cutting machine is used in a very harsh environment. To protect the internal optical path and core components from damage.The cutting head needs to be equipped with a protective lens.

The cleanliness of the protective lens directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. If the lens is dirty, it will not only affect the cutting effect and efficiency but also cause the internal parts of the cutting head and the laser output head to burn out. Therefore, it is necessary to use a protective lens with good material, high light transmittance and low thermal expansion coefficient. When the lens is dirty during processing, the lens needs to be cleaned or replaced.

There are special technological requirements for the processing of protective lenses. To reduce costs, the use of ordinary materials for inferior protective lenses leads to poor light transmittance, heat resistance. Easy breakage, and the inability to withstand the penetrating power of the laser. The powder particles will contaminate the entire cutting head. Which will damage the core high-value components including the focusing lens and sensors. Besides, the maintenance cost of the cutting head is very high, which will eventually delay the production and processing and cause greater economic losses.


Therefore, it is recommended that customers buy laser accessories from the official channels of the manufacturer to avoid losses!

The following are the adverse effects that inferior protective lens can easily cause:

1.The thermal lens effect causes the focus drift of the cutting head

Poor quality of the protective lens will increase the absorption rate of the laser. After a long time of continuous exposure, the temperature will increase and produce thermal deformation, which will cause the thermal lens effect to cause the focus of the cutting head to drift. The higher the power, the processing of high-reflective materials, and the thermal expansion of optical components. The faster, the more obvious the thermal lens.

(1) When cutting stainless steel, the thermal lens effect focus drift will cause inconsistent cutting section effects, more and more dross.

(2) When cutting carbon steel, the thermal lens effect will cause more and more slag at the bottom.

2.Protective lens burn point/burn through

In the processing of poor quality protective lenses, the ability to block dust and spatter is poor, and burning spots are prone to occur. For ultra-high power processing heads of 10,000 watts, the protective lenses must be carefully selected, and the protective lenses of poor quality are under the action of 10,000 watt lasers,Severe cases will directly cause the lens to burn through.

3.The laser output head is burned out

For a 10,000 watt laser device, once the protective mirror burns through. It is easy to immediately burn the internal collimating and focusing lens module of the cutting head under the action of 10,000 watt super power. The optical path will be abnormal. And the return light will cause abnormal heating of the window of the laser fiber output head. And eventually the QBH or LOE crystal will be burned out.


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