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Disadvantages of purchasing second-hand laser cutting machine -Erin

Disadvantages of purchasing second-hand fiber laser cutting machine

In recent years, the development of laser cutting machine is increasing day by day.With the continuous innovation of new products and the elimination of old products, the market of second-hand laser cutting machine is very active.Many users will consider purchasing second-hand laser cutting machine.The main reasons are as follows:1.the disposable investment is less compare with the new laser cutting machine.2.second-hand laser cutting machine is mainly for convenience.The price of second-hand laser cutting machine has certain attraction, but the quality and service?The disadvantages of purchasing secong-hand fiber laser cutting machine.

Firstly, the technology.

If you buy a laser cutting machine that has been used for four or five years now.In other words, this machine is behind in technology compared with the machine on the market at present.

Secondly, the service.

There is no guarantee without service. Most second-hand laser cutting machine had passed the manufacturer’s warranty. Or the product may have serious defects and cannot create high value.

Third,the core components.

If the laser source was broken, you need to cost many tens of thousands dollars or more.To sum up,would you like to buy a laser cutting machine like this at low price or a guaranteed laser cutting machine with high technology and unlimited value?

Nowadays, the whole laser cutting machine industry has undergone an important evolution.Various laser cutting machine manufacturers have endless high-quality products , and have comprehensive service system.The most important thing is that the price is significantly lower than before.

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