What are the differences between laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching?——Jenny

What are the differences between laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching?

The differences between laser marking, laser engraving, and laser etching

Gernarally, it mainly depends on their influences on the marking surface. For example, how deep the laser goes. How it changes the overall appearance.

However, laser marking changes the surface of the material. But  laser etching and engraving actually removes a portion of the surface area during marking process. The major difference between laser etching and engraving is the penetrating depth.

The Laser Marking Process

During the laser marking process the beam interacts with the surface of a material. This means that it slightly alters material properties or appearance.

Laser marking differs from laser engraving and laser etching in a number of ways:

It is less common and not all places offer these services.

We refer it as laser coloration or laser dark marking. And charring for plastic materials and annealing for metals.

Laser marking is popular in the medical device industry. For example, stainless steel and titanium parts. But we can perform the marking process on other materials as well.

A laser marker is ideal for bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, logos and other ID needs.

Laser engraving differences between laser marking, laser engraving and laser etching

Laser engraving is a process where the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material. The purpose is to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level.

Engraving is a subsection of laser marking.

But it still differs in many ways:

There are three types of laser engraving: etching, deep laser engraving and laser ablation. The difference between the three is what the surface is. And how much you remove.

This is the most common option for people who want something personalized or customized.

Not ideal for marking safety critical parts.

Maximum engraving depth is 0.020″ in metals. But it can go as deep as 0.125″ in materials such as graphite.

This is the fastest way to mark with a laser.

But You can engrave on almost any kind of metal, plastic, wood, leather and glass surface

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