What is the difference of laser marking and engraving?-Angelina | XTLASER

What is the difference of laser marking and engraving?-Angelina

What is the difference of laser marking and engraving?

All companies want the same thing: to deliver high quality products and to prove to our customers that they can rely on us.

It doesn’t matter if you deliver raw materials like aluminum ingots or materials that have been transformed like aluminum die cast parts.

But tracking is everything!

In fact,we all want to keep track of what we ship to whom.

But we also want our customers to see the quality of our products and realize (with data supporting this assertion) that they can rely on us.

That’s why most companies in the metal production value chain are tracking their products and have put in place traceability systems.

Also you are probably already tracking your production with technology such as a pin stamp, industrial inkjet or stickers.

But due to costs related to maintenance or consumables – or simply the poor reliability of your marking system or machines.

Perhaps you are looking at laser marking systems to replace your actual systems.

Laser Marking

There are different types of laser markings.

The most common are laser markinglaser engraving .

The remainder of this text will focus on defining each laser marker technique.

Why your business needs laser marking and who should use laser marker.

You will also find videos demonstrating each laser marker technique.

Laser Engraving

When engraving is performed, the laser melts the surface of the material.

By doing so, the heated surface expands and creates slight bumps.

Laser engraving creates a good contrast between the material and the marking code.

It is an efficient process to create permanent markings on materials.

This type of laser marking is well suited for applications where the tracking code has to be scanned, such as a one-dimensional (1D) or a two-dimensional (2D) barcode.

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