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Details about Chinese fiber laser metal tube cutting machine – Jennifer

After knowing how to use the Chinese fiber laser metal tube cutting machine in using field well, then the seller should pay attention of Chinese fiber laser metal tube cutting machine items. It is necessary for understanding and knowing these items. How to maintain the fiber laser metal tube cutting machine. Today we will share some tips about how to protect the fiber laser metal tube cutting machine well.

Using attention items of fiber laser metal tube cutting machine:

Firstly. Making sure the power socket connecting well. Marking sure the earthing connection is reliable in the 2mm stainless steel.

Secondly. Marking sure the working voltage is stable and normal in the water chiller. Because the refrigeration compressor is sensitive to the power voltage. So the standard voltage of our company is 318V. Others will need the transformer to meet the local voltage.

Thirdly. The power supply frequency donot match, it will cause the machine damage.

Forth. Marking sure the recycling pump. No water, the machine cannot run. Before delivering out the machine, all the water are drilled out. Marking sure the water is filled well, then open the machine. Or the water pump will be damaged. When the water is under the green Normal, then the refrigerating capacity will be slowed down. Making sure, then water amount is within the Normal range.

Fifth. Please make sure the chiller enters the air and the air passage is smooth! Chiller above the outlet from the obstacle to leave more than 1250px distance, the side of the inlet from the obstacle need in the distance of 500px or more.

Sixth. Intake air filter need to clean regularly!
Regularly disassemble and disassemble the air filter. A serious blockage of the air filter will cause the chiller malfunction.
Seventh, please pay attention to the influence of condensation water!
When the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, and the environment humidity is large, the circulating water pipe and the surface of the device cool will produce condensed water. When the above situation, increase the water temperature or cooling water pipes and devices clean.
Eighth, This product is industrial equipment, please do not let non-professionals to operate.v