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With the popularization of the concept of 10,000-watt lasers, some domestic equipment manufacturers have successively upgraded 10,000-watts. Therefore, the performance and process requirements of 10,000-watt fiber lasers are becoming more and more urgent. This article is based on the practical experience accumulated by various sources such as light source manufacturers, equipment manufacturers (XTlaser) and end-use manufacturers, and focuses on the cutting advantages (cutting ability, cutting efficiency, cutting quality, etc.) and process characteristics of 10,000-watt lasers. I believe it will Good for you.

I. Cutting characteristics of 10,000-watt laser

01 Cutting ability is greatly improved

02The cutting efficiency is doubled

The key point: When cutting bright carbon steel, there is a limit power when the thickness of the plate is determined.

➤ If the actual power is less than the limit power, as the power increases, the cutting speed will increase accordingly;

➤ If the actual power is greater than the limit power, as the power increases, the cutting speed will remain unchanged and there will be no improvement; at the same time, the cutting effect will not change; carbon steel oxygen bright surface cutting: the relationship between the thickness of the plate and the limit power.

Carbon steel oxygen bright cut

Relationship between sheet thickness and ultimate power

01Three functions of laser

① Preheating before cutting starts—Before cutting starts, heat the steel plate to a temperature above the ignition point (> 1000 ° C) so that it can react with oxygen at high temperatures;
② Preheating effect in the cutting process—heat the steel plate in a certain area in the front of the slit to above the ignition temperature to ensure that the surface can quickly undergo an oxidation reaction when the cutting airflow passes through.
③ Heat compensation at the slit—at the slit, compensation for heat loss caused by heat conduction, radiation, slag removal, etc. to ensure the temperature of the cutting zone;

02 The role of oxygen

Cutting effect—oxygen undergoes a severe oxidative and exothermic reaction with high-temperature iron, melting the metal and blowing away the slag.
Bright cut conditions

① Suitable for cutting with small nozzles and small airflow diameter;
② In order to ensure that the diameter of the light spot on the surface of the board is large enough, a large defocus amount require when cutting;
③ The thicker the plate, the larger the spot diameter and the greater the amount of defocus;
④ Ensure that the light spot irradiated on the surface of the board can heat the steel plate above the ignition temperature (> 1000 ° C) within a very short period of time. Excessively high power will increase the heat input and cause the board to overheat. Unfavorable cutting effect;
It can see that when cutting the bright surface of carbon steel. For medium and thin plates, the 10,000 watt-level power cannot exert its due advantages. The solution is to use air cutting. Which can cut carbon steel like stainless steel. And make full use of the energy of 10,000-watt lasers to achieve high-speed cutting of carbon steel.

The 10,000-watt laser can achieve full-power slag-free cutting when cutting carbon steel within 12mm with air. And the cutting efficiency is comparable to stainless steel.

03 Bright surface cutting ability greatly improve

When carbon steel cut with oxygen, a 10,000-watt laser can achieve small taper cutting of thick plates.

Green indicates bilateral taper <0.1mm; colorless area indicates bilateral taper between 0.3 ~ 0.7mm.

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