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Cutting solutions for jewelry industry

This article is about cutting solutions for jewelry industry.

We have many clients who do jewelry business.Some of them are big famous jewelry brand, and some are small jewelers with a small shop. Anyway, they all need to cut gold, silver or brass plate to make necklaces or earrings. But how to cut it with a perfect effect and fast speed? Also with a low cost. Many clients will have this question.

Warranty of fiber laser marking machine

Solution 1-Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Advantage: this machine can cut, mark and engrave the silver or gold plate. And its price is cheap.

If you have a small jewelry shop, and only sell some customized necklaces or earring. Or you need do some customized jewelry for your clients. Fiber laser marking machine is good choice. Because it can mark, engrave and cut the plate.If you need to cut ≤0.7 mm sliver and gold plate, you can choose 30w. But if you need to cut 1mm silver and gold, we suggest you choose 50w. Its speed will be faster than 30w.

For the machine, we have mini type and desktop type can be chose. For European clients, you can choose enclosed type fiber laser marking machine. About more machine details, you can look our website.

laser marking machine for jewelry

MOPA laser marking with rotary

Solution 2- Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Advantage:It can cut thin silver and gold plate and  it has a fast cutting speed.

Disadvantage: Price is a little expensive.And it can’t do marking and engraving job.

If you have enough budget or you need a fast speed, you can choose fiber laser cutting machine.We designed a model for jewelry clients, which has high precision and  small machine body.Here is the machine photo. Its cutting area is 600*600mm. And 1000w can cut 1-1.5mm silver plate or 3mm brass with a fast speed.

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