How to cut acrylic and engrave acrylics with a laser machine?-Bunny

Not all laminated acrylics are the same. for the reason that in the Colombian and Ecuadorian market we find extruded acrylic and casting acrylic both with slightly different characteristics from each other.  As a result that is why the first step is to choose the type of acrylic that best suits your work. So here is a list of technical characteristics.

Cast acrylic

First of all cast acrylic sheets, have among their main advantages:

1) First of all high weather resistance.

2) Another great resistance to aging produced by the sun and UV.

3) Also high impact resistance, about 10 to 20 times that of glass.

4) Light compared to glass (about half), with a density of about 1190 kg / m3 is only slightly heavier than water.

5) Excellent light transmission capacity.

6) Low water absorption

7) Excellent optical quality.

8) Easy to handle

9) High level of transparency (92%)

10) High surface quality. Scratch resistance

11) Exceeds the XT in thermal and electrical load capacity.

12) Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

13) Due to its manufacturing process it has a thickness tolerance

Extruded acrylic

Aiso for its part,  another extruded acrylic sheets have the main advantages:

1) Easy handling (cutting, molding, screen printing, …)

2) Uniform caliber.

3) High transparency

4) Possibility of manufacturing special lengths

5) Impact resistance

6) Weather resistance

7) Recyclable.

Therefore the next step is to ensure that the machine has the best conditions for cutting acrylic. But this because they play many factors to create an engraving and a cut with little or 0% smoking, so heat welding or burns of the material and the head.

Other factors for good engraving and cutting

We want to deliver incredible jobs and we know that it is there that our clients return with more work orders for us.


Remember that acrylic protective plastic will always be better at the end of engraving and cutting. So you will avoid less smoking, less scratches and better engraving quality.


Because Remember to clean the acrylic with soft cleaning agents such as hand soap, dish soap, cotton cloth and water. So do not use cleaning agents with alcohol or other chemical agents such as tinner, among others, which may make the surface of the acrylic opaque.