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Correct operation of fiber laser cutting machine


Correct operation of fiber laser cutting machine.

Firstly,Strengthen system learning.

The learning of the system’s laser cutting machine knowledge is definitely the best assistant in the operation of the cutting equipment. A comprehensive understanding of the functions of equipment-related components can maximize the performance of the equipment and help to improve the quality of cutting and cutting speed. Secondly, some small problems encountered during the cutting process can be solved at any time without affecting the progress of the work. If you encounter difficult problems, you can help the after-sales manufacturers solve the problem. For example, the problem that can be solved by telephone communication can be effectively improved. Work efficiency and save economic costs. Through the accumulation of learning and experience at work, you can also find some potential techniques.

Secondly,Equipment maintenance.

The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is part of the daily work. It is necessary to develop a habit. It is like having a bath to exercise. Only by ensuring the stability of the equipment can ensure the quality of the cutting and the work efficiency guaranteed. After all, the equipment also has a long life, especially the accessories of some metal laser cutting machines, need to strengthen the protection.

Such as the clean lens, to avoid contamination.

Thirdly,Cutting sequence.

Most of the time we use metal laser cutting machine cutting process is not only cutting straight lines or regular circles or squares, most of them are cutting patterns or complex graphics.

Such as cutting stainless steel characters in the advertising industry, many shapes Change.

This time you need to optimize the cutting sequence, set the optimal cutting sequence according to the cutting process, complete the best cutting process in the shortest time with the fastest speed.

If it is a large number of workpiece cutting, the saving working time is very considerable.

Finally, Cutting process.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of cutting, consider how to optimize the placement of the workpiece, avoid repeated cutting, and maximize the efficiency of cutting. At the same time, it can also maximize the use of materials and maximize cost and economic benefits.

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