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The consumables of laser cutting machine

Compared with other cutting equipment, the running cost of fiber laser cutter should be lowest.
The running cost includes 3 parts: electric power, gas consumption and spare parts,include nozzle and protective lens.

Electric power:Real machine running cost occupy 60%~70%

For Example:

1000w Raycus XTC-F1530H rated power is 16KW.

16kw*60%~70%,  the real electric power cost is 10.2~11.9kw/h.

Gas consumption: One tank gas is about 40L, N2 cuts ss about 20-30 minutes/tank;

O2 cuts cs, so the thicker the gas consumption, the slower the gas consumption.

For Example:

1mm Carbon steel  40L/40minutes

2mm Carbon steel 40L/50minutes

3mm Carbon steel 40L/60minutes

4mm Carbon steel 40L/70minutes

5mm Carbon steel 40L/80minutes

For carbon steel, The thicker metal you cut, the less Oxygen pressure you need,

So if  you use higher Oxygen pressure for thicker metal sheet, it will be burn.

For Example:

0.5-0.8mm  stainless steel 40L/30minutes

1mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes

2mm stainless steel 40L/30minutes

The thicker metal sheet, the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs.

So If cut 1mm ss, use 10kg Nitrogen. If cut 4mm ss, need 20kg Nitrogen.

So we suggest client to adjust same pressure, all of them are 20kg, in this way, it can

Not only make sure of high speed of cutting thin metal sheet ,also it can make sure

of cutting thick metal sheet.

3.Main quick wear parts :include nozzle and protective lens.
At begin their consumption is about 20~30 pieces,next the cost will decline later.

As their consumption have big relationship with workers’ operation.

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