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Common questions before purchasing a laser cutting machine-Ivy

Before purchasing a laser cutting machine, customers will consider and raise many questions.

Each customer can compare the machine price and quality of different suppliers.

So now we have a customer question that summarizes the problems of laser cutting machine.

  1. Model and power of servo motor?

Servo motor: YASKAWA, Japan

2 Y axis 1300W

1 X axis 850W

1 Z axis 400W

  1. More about “nLIGHT Laser Source”

Is this “nLIGHT laser source” different from the usual laser emitter?

NLIGHT, Raycus and IPG are three popular laser sources in the market.

Raycus and IPG are suitable for common metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc.

But some customers want to cut some highly reflective metal materials, such as aluminum, copper, brass and so on.

If Raycus or IPG is used to cut highly reflective metals, the laser source will alarm.

And it will cause damage to the laser source, because the laser beam will return to the laser generator.

But the nLIGHT laser source has back-reflection isolation.

So it can not only cut carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc.

High reflective metals, such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.

  1. Prepare for me the requirement of installing equipment housing.

A) Please check the additional layout of the laser so that you can show it to your customers.

Let them prepare enough machine space

B) The room should be clean and dustless.

C) Room temperature should be 18-25 degrees

D) Standard voltage of Chinese lasers: 380V or 3-phase, 50Hz

  1. Comparisons between optical fiber laser cutting machine and punch machine:

A) Compared with NC punch, optical fiber laser cutting machine can complete various complex structures.

As long as any image can be drawn on the computer, the machine can complete the processing.

According to our experience, the punch die is expensive.

But for the optical fiber laser cutting machine, there is no need to open the die, no need to repair the die.

This number will be made on the computer and the product can be cut out immediately.

Hats can quickly develop new products, and also save costs and complex process requirements.

CNC punch is difficult to realize, but optical fiber laser cutting machine can do it.

B) In addition, for CNC punches

If you cut the whole board, the effect is not very good, you need to arrange workers to polish again.

The cutting surface of fiber laser cutting machine is very smooth.

CNC punch is difficult to achieve.

C) The laser cutting head is not connected to the material surface

Make sure there are no scratches on the workpiece.

D) But the fiber laser can’t cut half of the hole (it can’t cut the whole hole)

But a punch can cut half a hole, just like a fish scale.

The punch hole is very small and the speed is faster than that of the fiber laser.

If you have any other questions about laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.