Common questions of Handheld welding machine-Ivy

Hi All,now Handheld welding machine gain more popular,here sharing with you some common questions as follow:

1.Can we adjust the welding speed?

yes, moving speed depend on operator’s hand.

2.Can we adjust the wire speed?

Yes, wire speed can be controlled on feeder.

3.Can we adjust the wattage?

Yes,we can control power output rate on touch screen board.

4.Can we put different diameter of welding wire?

Yes, usually 0.8mm dia is popular.

Spot dia ≥ wire dia ≥ gap width

5.Can we tack inside a 12MMx6MMx12MM U-shaped piece (see picture)?

Yes, but you need take away the wire feeder as its width is so small.

It is easy to do.

6.Can we grindnuzzle?

Yes, you can grind the nuzzle and make it suit your welding parts.

7.The device requires calibration before first use?

No need. we have calibration machine before delivery.
But you need adjust parameter like power rate, frequency etc according to your material thickness and welding performance.
It is easy and just need adjust 2~3 parameter.
After your people use few days and get suitable parameter for each thickness, it will be more easy.

8.Does the device need calibration during productive use?
As i said you just need change to suitable parameter when welding different thickness.

You can make a parameter sheet and what kind of parameter should use when weld different thickness.
In this case, even green hand can use it well.

9.Can we weld without shielding gas?
Yes, even without any gas it can work.
I show you video in last email, we didn’t use any auxiliary gas.

10.Is cooling the tip of the head necessary?
Water chiller have connect to laser head, you don’t need do any cooling way for any part.

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