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How to clean the dust of fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting is used to optimize processes, applications, and production across a wide range of industries including electronic,

automotive, medical, metalworking, woodworking, printing, packaging, HVAC, and other specialty industries.

Today, most people choose fiber laser metal cutter to do their business, but during machine cutting, it is inevitable to produce a lot of dust,

after a long time, dust will deposit on the machine, then it will affect the machine cutting precision. So how to clean the dust of fiber laser cutter?

Here are some measures.

How to choose your fiber laser cutting machine?

First of all, you can clean up the table of the fiber laser cutter, however,

It does not recommend cleaning the dust inside the machine.

It’s easy to scratch the laser head if not cleaned properly.

Then, as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, it will not affect the normal use.

The safest way is to turn the fiber laser cutting machine upside down and blow off the dust with a balloon.

In addition, pay attention to water replacement and tank cleaning (it recommend cleaning the tank and replace the circulating water once a week).

The dust of fiber laser metal cutter mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of sensitive components.

So we should clean the dust of the machine regularly. To get more maintenance measures about our laser machine, just leave messages to us.


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