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How to chose a suitable fiber laser marking machine

For confirm the suitable marking machine,here some items sharing with you:

No.1 Laser type

As we know,the machine mainly have Fiber laser,Mopa laser,UV laser and co2 laser:

Fiber laser suitable for all metals working and some hard plastic,has wide application,this one we sold is most;
Mopa laser is kind of Fiber,but the advantages of Mopa than Fiber is color marking on stainless steel and black marking on anodized aluminum;
Co2 laser is for non-metal marking,such as wood,acrylic and leather..
UV laser is for some sensitive plastic and glass marking;

So based on these,you will know should to chose fiber or Mopa or others,is it clear?

No.2 Machine model

In Thailand and Vietnam or in Asia countries,most chose open model,desktop and mini portable model,that is depends on shipping methods,big one is by sea transportation and smaller one by air shipping,so should confirm with customer which one they prefer 🙂

Also depends on their factory or workshop space,it is easy to understand.

No.3 Marking area

The machine standard marking size:100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300mm,they are at same price,but some one will ask “why we do not chose bigger one if same cost?” we should say: NO!

As we can see from that chart,when machine working need focus,different marking size need different focus length; More larger lens need more longer focus,so more larger marking size,the laser power will weaker,suitable is best.

100*100mm suitable for deep engraving; 200*200mm/300*300mm suitable for surface marking.

No.4 Laser power

Now machine mainly have 20w/30w/50w/100w:

20w is mainly for metal surface marking;
30w is for marking and some engraving works;
50w suitable for deep engraving and some jewelry cutting,such as brass,copper,silver and gold within 0.1-1mm;
100w has same function as 50w,but when doing same works,100w is faster than 50w ( such as deep engraving 1mm on aluminum,50w use 7 mins,while 100w only use 5 mins)

Hope this will help you,and the following is our main questions to ask customer:

  • 1.which material do you want to mark? metal or non-metal?
  • about the marking area do you need? 100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300mm?
  • you need deep engraving or only surface marking?
  • 4.can you show us some samples you want to made?

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