How to choose Plasma and Fiber laser cutting machine?-Ariel

How to choose Plasma and Fiber laser cutting machine

Many clients will ask us, what’s the difference between Plasma and Fiber laser cutting machine.So today we will give some suggestions about How to choose Plasma and Fiber laser cutting machine.

Many customers will be confused before their decision,Plasma or Fiber?And why ?

So to let you have a suitable solution of the metal cutting,i just made one comparison.

For your reference,check the following table:

Bigger cutting gapThe laser beam is focused into a small spot,the cutting gap is smallerCNC programming,cause the cutting precision is not enough,can not cut the smaller objects perfectlyCNC programming, can be processed with any cutting patterns ,no need any molds

Items Plasma laser cutting machine          Fiber laser cutting machine 

Cutting speed

Slowly (time cost is much) Fast (higher work efficient)

Cutting precision

0.1mm  0.05mm  (much better)


High temperature arc Laser energy

Material damage

There will be large or small damage,
in the cutting process if the plasma cutting machine cutting head with some problems,
will make very obvious defects on the plate.
The high temperature will make the steel shape changing
Laser cutting does not damage the steel
non-contact cutting, will not scratch on the work surface

Cutting gap 




Purchasing cost 

lower higher

So you also can share the comparison with your customers for a reference.

The difference between Plasma and Fiber laser cutting machine

Additionally,according to our market data, almost we have no customers to cut pipes by Plasma cutting machine,cause for pipe cutting, it need a higher precision than metal plate cut,so its hard to the Plasma cutting machine.

Cause for the Plasma cutting machine,it is suitable for thick materials cutting,just cut it off,without some beautiful shapes you need.If you need to cut some completed shapes,the fiber laser cutting machine is better.

If you have no enough budget and don’t care too much the precision,its better to choose Plasma.

Any questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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