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How to choose a laser marking machine best suitable for you?


Marking machine has 3D laser marking machine,fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, and CO2 laser marking machine etc.. But compared with the above products, what outstanding advantages does a fiber laser marking machine have?

Here are ten advantages we summarizes for you to choose laser marking machines:

1.It is suitable for most of metal and non-metal materials.

2.Then laser processing cause no mechanical crash or stress on materials, or tool wear or pollution.

3. The laser beam is thin, processing little consumption of materials .

4. It has no X-ray and will not be interfered by electric field or magnetic field.

5. And It is simple to operate and it can realize automatic processing at high speed and high efficiency.

6. Operator can observe or monitor the conditions of surface processed through microscope or camera system.

7. Then  can penetrate transparent substance and process their internal parts.

8.  But whether it  assemble beams to the internal surface or inclined surface by prism or reflector system.

9. However ,whether it is able to mark bar code, figures, characters and patterns.

Every enterprise engaging in fiber laser making machines business should put emphasis on the product quality, after-sales services, solve problems for customers. In this way, enterprises can make profits from this business.

XTlaser have a strict quality control system throughout its production line, every part of the machine, even every part of the machine, even one screw. We will strictly control and eliminate any non-standard parts into the factory to ensure the performance and quality of each machine. Then we provide every customer with hassle-free after-sales service. If you are interested in it, welcome visit our website to get more information!

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