Why we choose fiber laser cleaning machine

Why we choose fiber laser cleaning machine

For the fiber laser cleaning machine.With a high energy density laser beam.Fiber laser irradiates the surface of the workpiece.

For example.The surface dirt, rust or coating will evaporate.Or peel off instantaneously.

Thus achieving cleanliness and purification.Used in various work and fields.Such as paint removal and rust removal.

So why we choose fiber laser marking machine.There are many reasons:

Firstly,for cleaning machine features:

1.Laser cleaning, non-contact.
2.No work injury.
3.Cleaning efficiency is higher than ordinary chemical cleaning.
4.The cleaning is precise and controllable with high precision.
5.Simple operation, hand-held or automated.
6.Excellent cleaning effect and high cleanliness.
7.No consumables and low maintenance costs.

Secondly,for the cleaning head features:

1. Small size and light weight.Terefore.Convenient for flexible use by human hands.
2. The front-end support frame can realize precise cleaning.And complete the cleaning work on the focal plane as a whole.
3. The operation is simple.Just power on.It can be hand-held or cooperate with the robot to achieve automatic cleaning.
4. The line width of the laser cleaning light can adjusted.In addition.The speed of the oscillating mirror can be adjusted by holding the button on the gun head.
5. The laser cleaning gun head is made of aluminum profile.So,With high anti-vibration stability.

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