How to Choose the Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?-Serena

How to Choose the Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?

When using fiber laser cutting machine, it need to be equipped with auxiliary gas. This is also applied to fiber laser pipe cutting machine.  Auxiliary gas usually contains oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air.

The applicable conditions for the three gases are different. So the following are the differences of them.

1. Compressed air

Compressed air is suitable for cutting aluminum sheets and galvanized steel sheets, which can reduce the oxide film and save costs to some extent. Generally, the cutting sheet is relatively thick, and the cutting surface is not required to be too perfect.

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a kind inert gas. It prevents sheet surface from oxidation during cutting, and prevents burning (it is easy to occur when the sheet is thick).

3. Oxygen

Oxygen mainly acts as a combustion aid, which increases the cutting speed and thickens cutting thickness. It is suitable for thick plate cutting, high speed cutting and sheet cutting,such as some large carbon steel plates, thick carbon steel structural parts.

Although increasing the the gas pressure can improve the cutting speed, the high cutting speed also will cause a decrease after reaching a peak value. Therefore, when debugging the machine, it is very important to control the air pressure.

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