What are the characteristics of the fiber laser marking machine laser?-Angelina

What are the characteristics of the fiber laser marking machine laser?

Fiber laser marking machine is the most popular in the market.

And the most important part of the fiber laser marking machine is the fiber laser.

So what are the characteristics of the fiber laser?

At first,it is Small and lightweight.

In addition,we could make the laser head very small and achieve flexible system updates.

Therefore, the purchase cost of the device can be reduced and the installation site can be determined flexibly.

Secondly,there is no need maintenance.

With the high power of bulk solid laser, the beam quality is greatly reducingdue to the significant thermal effects such as thermal lensing effect and thermobirefringence effect.

For this reason, we must carefully design cooling methods when developing bulk solid state lasers.

On the other hand, the cooling method of fiber laser can be air-cooled within 100W.

Because the fiber surface area ratio as the laser medium is more than 4 orders of magnitude larger than the bar type of solid laser medium, with excellent heat dissipation.

Thirdly,Excellent beam quality.

The laser NA emitted from optical fiber is small and easy to focus light.

Then we can achieve High power density and high resolution machining.

Fourthly,Excellent long-term stability.

Because the laser is coming out of a fiber, if we fix the fiber, the spatial fluctuation of the beam is essentially nonexistent.

All-fiber lasers that do not include free-space optical systems.

The vibration wavelength of fiber laser is short, the beam quality is good, the focus depth is long.

And the object is processing by focusing lens.