Tube cutting machine how to choose–Wendy

The laser machine of cutting tube 

For cutting tube,there are two types laser machine in the market.

1.Tube and plate cutting machine, which can not only cut plate and also tube.


3m length or 6m length

① In such machine, rotary size including 160mm and 200mm

If 160mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 160mm round tube , and maximum 109m*109mm square tube

If 200mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 215mm round tube,minimum 12mm , and minmum 20*20mm, maximum 150mm*150mm square tube

② If client choose automatic clamping, then front rotary is electric clamping (speed of clamping can be adjusted), back rotary is pneumatic clamping(speed of clamping can be adjusted)

③ About weight

No matter it is 3m or 6m, maximum weight is no more than 150kg

④ front rotary is electric clamping , back rotary is pneumatic clamping

220mm rest tube, minimum length  after cutting

2.Tube cutting machine, 6m length

① In such machine, rotary size including 230mm and 300mm

230mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 230mm round tube , and maximum 160mm*160mm square tube

300mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 320mm round tube , and maximum 240mm*240mm square tube

② All of rotaries are pneumatic clamping (speed of clamping can be adjusted)

③ About weight

No matter it is 6m, maximum weight is no more than 300kg

About the choice of the laser tube  machine,if you want to cut plate and tube both,you can choose the plate-tube machine.

If you want to cut tube only,and the professional laser cutting tube machine is suitable.

Hope this article can help you know more to choose machine.


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Mini machine de gravure laser fibre Léonie

Mini machine de gravure laser fibre, modèle ouvert et portable.

C’est un modèle populaire dans le marché européen et dans les pays comme les Etats-Unis, la Russie etc. La machine n’occupe que peu d’espace. Il est facile à l’opérer. Et nous vous présentons des configurations de ce modèle de machine de gravure laser.

In this passage, I will introduce firstly the main configurations of the machine, then the capacity of engraving, finnaly the adavantages of the machine.

Les configurations principales

  1. Source laser : Raycus de la Chine, IPG de l’Allemagne, JPT de la Chine
  2. Tête de galvo : Sino, une marque de Pékin
  3. Lentille de F-theta : Wavelength de Singapour
  4. Zone de travail : 100*100mm-300*300mm à choisir
  5. Puissannce : 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w à choisir
  6. Ordinateur portable
  7. 2D table de travail pour adjuster la direction
  8. Lumière rouge pour vous aider à trouver la focale
  9. Lampe et d’autres accessoires
  10. Taille de la machine : 550*1050*670mm

Capacité de gravure

Les effets de gravure basent sur les matières. Il y a des statistiques à vous aider.

Firstly, 20w : marquer sur la surface de matière

Secondly, 30w : marquer sur la surface de matière, graver avec un peu d’épaisseur

Thirdly, 50w : graver et découper 1mm argent et 1.2mm l’or, mais la vitesse est lente.

Forthly, 100w : graver et découper 1mm argent et 1.2mm l’or plus vite avec une mieux efficacité.

Avantages de la machine

Firstly, économie d’énergie : pour une heure de travail, une machine laser ne coûte que 0.5kw/h.

Secondly, il est facile à utiliser la machine. Nous vous installons le logiciel dans l’ordinateur, et les techinicians vous expliquerons comment l’utiliser. Tous cela vous aidera à l’opérer parfaitement.

Thirdly, la machine a une longue durée de la vie. Et il n’y a pas de pièces d’usure. Donc il est difficile de tomber en panne.

Forthly, il n’occupe que de peu d’espace.

Lastly, Les effets permanents. La gravure laser ne disparaîtra jamais.


Above all.

Et si vous avez des demandes spéciales, nous vous donnerons plus de détails.

Si vous vous intéressez à notre machine, n’hésitez pas de me contacter et nous pouvons trouver des solutions pour vous.

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How to maintain the cutting machine?–Oriole

How to maintain the cutting machine?

Here are some details about the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it.

  • Above all,clean.

Firstly,we need to clean the attached dust and cut slag on the surface of the equipment.

A fiber laser cutting machine.

A fiber  laser cutting.

Secondly,clean up the water in the A/C storage tank.

Thirdly,cleaning waste scraps and debris in waste trailers.

More over,clean the dust on the A/C dust cover net and the water cooler dust cover net.

Fifthly,clean the water tank of the water cooler.

Last but not least,clean the surface of the cutting head and focus on cleaning the cooling water pipe joint, auxiliary gas joint, protective lens window, QBH/QCS joint and other parts.

  • What’s more,check.

Firstly,check the joints of the capacitor signal module (at the cutting head) to confirm that the fastening is intact and there is no looseness.

Secondly,equipment homing(including X, Y and Z axes).

More over,check the lubricating oil level in the lubricating oil pump. If it is not enough, fill it in time.

Fourthly,check the lubrication condition of each shaft slide rail, rack, gear and z-axis screw; and manually add lubricating oil on the upper end surface and the two end surfaces of the guide rail, and the main mechanical linkage end face of the rack, gear and lead screw is evenly distributed. Apply lithium grease. (If there is rust, be sure to remove the rust first.)

Fifthly,check the water pipes of the cooling water pipe to confirm that there is no extrusion, bending, grinding, scratching and water leakage; check the water pipe joints (push-in connectors and ordinary threaded joints) to confirm that the connection is normal and there is no water leakage.

Sixthly,check if the cooling water pressure gauge value is normal.

What’s more,replace the water cooler to circulate cooling water.

At last,check the wiring harness and cable everywhere, and confirm that there are no extrusion, bending, grinding, and scratching. There is no open welding or short circuit or hidden trouble in the welding of the break point and the plug joint.


That is some of the maintenance of  the cutting machine after using it .




Mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market-Ariel

Mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market

This article is about mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market.We have many clients in Europe,hope it will help you.

We have many type fiber laser marking machine.Such as mini split marking machine,mini enclosed marking machine,big enclosed laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine and handheld fiber laser marking machine.But in European market,full enclosed model will be more popular.Full enclosed type is a little big so most of our European clients like to choose.

1.About the machine size

We also have big enclosed model can be chose. But it has a large size so you will pay more the shipping cost. But the size of mini enclosed type is 500*830*883mm, it is suitable for DHL door to door delivery or by air.

2.About the machine parts

Firstly, laser source.

For fiber laser marker, we use Raycus or IPG brand , all the famous brand.The common laser power is 20w,30w,50w. You can choose the suitable laser power according the detailed demands.

Secondly, galvo head

We use Sino brand galvo head, the best brand in China.

Thirdly, F-theta lens.

We use wavelength F-theta lens, a famous and best brand in Singapore.

Fourthly, control board

We use the BJJCZ original control board-EZCAD. Nowadays, there are many pirated software in the market. Pls confirm the original one.Original control board support win7, 8,10 and 64 bit.But copay version can only support win 7 and 32 bit.

Fifthly, laptop

We use Lenovo brand laptop, or you can choose the HP laptop. We all use win 10 system. Or you can use your own laptop.

sixthly, electric lift column.

Our mini model and desktop model all use manual lift column, but we use the electric lift column in the mini enclosed type.So you can control it in the software.

3.About the machine advantages

Firstly, High safety level, class 4;

Secondly, easy to operate;

Thirdly, fashion look

If you are interested in our this model,pls feel free to contact me to get more machine details.

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Descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.

                                                                                                   Descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.


Here are some descriprtions of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.I would like to share with you some features and operation cost of the handheld fiber laser welding machine. It is easy to operate and the maintenance cost is also very low.

First of all,needn’t welding wire.

Compared with the traditional welding, like tig, it doesn’t need to use welding wire.Only when the gap more than 0.5mm, we should use the wire feeder.

Secondly,less quick-wear parts.

The quickly-wear parts for the  machine are only protective lens and copper nozzle.

What’s more,less electricity and gas.

Except the quick-wear parts, the machine also consume electricity and gas.
The power consumption of 1kw machine is 7.5kw/hour at full power situation. In fact, we usually just use 50%-60% power of 1000w to weld the metals.So the power consumption is small.The machine also need to connect with gas, argon or nitrogen.

The gas can isolate the air from the welding plate to prevent the reaction with the air. So the welding surface of the metal plate will be white and beautiful. The gas also can protect the lens from welding dust.

Tips:The price of the gas is different in different counties and regions. If our customers think the cost of the gas is too high,they can use air compressor to produce air gas. But the welding effect will not very good.The welding surface of the metal may be black.So our customers should wipe the surface of the metal with ethyl alcohol.

Last but not least,easy to maintenance.

The machine is very easy to matain.When finish your welding work, turn off the power and clean the welding head, it can make the lifetime of protective lens and copper nozzle longer.


That is all my descriptation.Hope it is helpful for you. If you have any confused of machine,please feel free contact us.