How to operate the fiber laser metal marker machine-Jennifer

  1. Today, we’d like share something about how to use and operate the metal engraving machine.
    And we know it is important to every clients, who use this laser metal fiber marker firstly, so before delivering out, the Ezcad fiber laser metal engraving software will be installed on the laptop, and the machine will be tested 48 hours at least.
    If these is no problems about the machine running, then the parameters will be saved in the F disk, and send the COPY version to the USB disk.
  2. Except the parameters and software,the USB disks will save the Software User Manual, Machine User Manual, and Software operating videos, which can make sure clients operate the fiber laser metal printing machine easily, once received the machine.
  3. All our software support English language,and what’s more, you can also learn the Ezcad firstly, by the download the demo version:
    I believe this software is quite easy to operate, no worries about the operate.
  4. Welcome to make the field inspection in our factory, today, our Australia clients make the field inspection for metal fiber laser engraving machine. After the field inspection, our clients give the highly recongnisaton about our machine and service. The followings are the details in XT LASER’s factory for your reference.

How to Choose a Fiber Laser Marking Machine in market? — Part two –Doris

How to Choose a Fiber Laser Marking Machine in market?–Part two

Along with the important characteristics of the laser source, one must also consider the full laser marking system when coming to a decision, on which fiber laser marking machine will be best suited to an application:

Beam Steering for fiber laser marking machine:

A laser marking system can use one of two methods,  for steering the laser beam to make the necessary marks.

Galvanometer for fiber laser marking machine:

A Galvanometer based system for beam steering,  uses two mirrors that quickly oscillate to move the laser beam back and forth. This is similar to systems used for laser light shows. Depending on the focusing lens used on the system, this can provide a marking area as small as 2″ x 2″ or as large as 12″ x 12″. The galvanometer type system can be very fast, but generally has a longer focal length and thus a larger spot size. Also, with a galvanometer type system, it can be easier to account for contours on the part you are marking. This is achieved by including a lens on a third galvanometer,  to change the focal length while marking.

Gantry for fiber laser marking machine:

In Gantry type systems, the beam is steered via mirrors mounted on long linear axes, similar to what you might have seen on a 3D printer. In this type of system, the linear axes can be any size,  and so the marking area can be configured to whatever is needed. The gantry type systems are generally slower than the galvanometer system, since the axes have to move a much longer distance and have much more mass to move. However, with the gantry system, the focal length can be much shorter, allowing for smaller spot sizes. Generally, gantry systems are better suited for large, flat pieces such as signs or panels.

Software for fiber laser marking machine:

Like any major equipment, the software used should be user friendly, with a simple user interface and all of the features needed. Most laser marking software include the capability to import images, but one should be sure that the software can handle both vector files (such as .dxf, .ai, or .eps),  and raster files (such as .bmp, .png, or .jpg). Another important feature to check,  is that the laser marking software has the capability to create text, barcodes of various types, automatically changing serial numbers and date codes, simple shapes, or arrays of any of the above. Finally, some software includes the capability to edit vector files directly in the software itself, rather than using a separate image editor.
These basic factors can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a fiber laser marking system for your company.



fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

More important details will continue~~~

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Select Suitable Power and Size for Fiber Laser Engraver Alex

Fiber laser engraver have very wide application on metal and some non-metal material engraving. Metal material like stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminum. Non-metal material like ABS, PVC, Rubber and many color coated product.

fiber laser engraver

fiber laser marking machine

When we want to buy fiber laser engraver, some suppliers recommend their machine to us directly. Even they don’t know our detail application and request. To be honest, really this is not a good supplier. They just want to sold their machine, not think about problems in our side.

In this case, how to select one suitable fiber laser engraver for ourselves?

Select suitable fiber laser engraver

  • Metal Material

If we use fiber laser marker on metal material, we need know what effect we will do.

Working size

Fiber laser engraver have three common working size, including 110*110mm ; 200*200mm; 300*300mm.

Additional there is some non-common working size like 50*50mm;70*70mm; 150*150mm; 175*175mm; 250*250mm.

Different working size have different focus length, it means large working size have longer focus length. The laser power strength will be weak heavily during transfer. so not all laser power could use all working size.

20w laser power, working size should less than 200*200mm, 110*110mm is the most common.

30w laser power, all working size are ok.

50w laser power, all working size are ok.

Engraving request

We have many different marking request for metal material, marking, deep engraving and gold&silver cutting.

20w laser power: marking

30w laser power: marking, deep engraving and gold&silver cutting

50w laser power; deep engraving and gold&silver cutting

50w fiber laser engraver is not common as its cost is much more higher than 20w and 30w. Usually we use it gold and silver cutting.

Also when we need do deep engraving or cutting, only 110*110mm working size or less is available.

Laser source

Laser source is heart of fiber laser marking machine. So we need pay more attention on laser power.

In China market, Germany IPG and China Raycus laser source is reliable and stable. As for other small brand, we don’t recommend you use it.


Jimmy have a gun shop in TX, he need to buy one fiber laser marking machine for gun marking. which machine is best?

Usually guns marking need do depth on the surface, so he can only use 110*110mm working size or less and 30w/50w laser power.


If you want to learn more details about fiber laser engraver, pls contact me directly.

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Fiber Lasers Vs CO2 Lasers -Jason from XT LASER

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What’s the ultimate laser for your application – should I choose Fiber laser, also known as Solid State Laser (SSL), or a CO2 laser?

Answer: It depends on the type and thickness of the material you are cutting.

Why?: Due to the rate at which the material absorbs the laser. You need to choose the right laser for your application.

The absorption rate is influenced by the wavelength of the laser and also the angle of incidence.

Different types of lasers have different wavelengths, for example the fibre (SSL) laser’s wavelength is far smaller at 1 micron (on the right) than the CO2 lasers wavelength at 10 micron, shown on the left:

The angle of incidence means, the distance between point at which the laser beam hits the material (or surface), perpendicular (at 90) to the surface, so where it makes a T shape.

The angle of incidence increases (shown as a1 and a2 below) as the material increases in thickness. You can see below that with the thicker material, the orange line is at a greater angle than the blue line on the diagram below.

Which laser type for which application?

Fiber Laser/SSL


  • Speed – Faster than CO2 lasers in thin materials as the laser can be absorbed quickly with a slight lead in speed when cutting with Nitrogen (fusion cutting).
  • Cost per part – less than the CO2  laser depending on sheet thickness.
  • Safety – Strict safety precautions must be taken (machine is completely enclosed) as the laser light (1µm) can pass through very narrow openings in the machine’s frame causing irreparable damage to the eye’s retina.
  • Beam guidance – fiber optics.

CO2 Laser


  • Quality – Quality is consistent throughout all thicknesses of material.
  • Flexibility – high, suitable for all material thicknesses.
  • Safety – CO2 laser light (10µm) is better absorbed by the machine frame, which lowers the risk of irreparable damage to the retina. Personnel should not look directly at the cutting process through the acrylic pane in the door as the bright plasma also presents a risk to sight over a period of time. (Similar to looking at the sun.)
  • Beam guidance – mirror optics.
  • Cutting with Oxygen (flame cutting) – there is no difference in quality or speed shown between the two types of lasers.

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Happy Father’s Day Metal Cutting&Engraving Manufacturer-Jennifer

Happy-Father’s-Day-From-Metal-Cutting-Engraving-Manufacturer-XT LASER.

Every responsible company will know the importance of thanks-giving. Tomorrow will be the Happy-Father’s – Day. XT LASER, the direct manufacturer of metal engraving & cutting & welding machine, is also pay more attention to this day.

Father’s Day is the not only the day for father, but also the day for thanks-giving. Thanks for every client’s choosing from XT LASER, not only the machine quality, but also the recognition of our brand.

Today, our engineer just back to office from Indian market with the installation and training service for the Metal-Cutting-Engraving-Machine.

and the followings are the pictures for your reference:








Here is the origin of Father’s day, hoping it can be helpful for u.

Father’s Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a “father’s day” was first proposed there were no Father’s Day cards!

Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a “father’s day” in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his wife (Mrs. Dodd’s mother) died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington state. It was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.

The first Father’s Day was observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane Washington. At about the same time in various towns and cities across American other people were beginning to celebrate a “father’s day.” In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father’s Day. Finally in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.

Father’s Day has become a day to not only honor your father, but all men who act as a father figure. Stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and adult male friends are all honored on Father’s Day.

Why Is Fiber Laser Marking — Candice

Marking Capabilities:High Speed Marking on Any Metal • Jewelry Engraving • Deep Engraving

Fiber laser marking machine have a very  broad applied in various industries recently years. Why is fiber laser marking? Laser marking is the most flexible type of direct part marking available today. The ability to change various laser parameters offers users the ultimate in control, quality and speed versus competitive marking technologies.

 fiber laser marking machine

Features Of Fiber Laser

1.Marks widest variety of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramics & some plastics
2.100,000+ hours of laser life, reducing costs and production downtime.
3.110mm square mark field (other sizes available)
4.No consumables and minimal maintenance help reduce operating costs
5.Mount laser in any orientation
6.Air-cooled 20W-100W models
7.Real-time visible live pointer for previewing your mark
8.Higher beam quality than flash lamp, diode pumped and vanadate, resulting in a high quality mark
9.Integrated safety shutter

As many fiber laser marking factory and trading company apeard in fiber laser marking market. So how to choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine factory to be a good supplier is very important.

Jinan Xintian Technology Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of laser equipment, established in 2004.It is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research,development, production and service of Fiber laser marking machine,CO2 laser marking machine,Pneumatic marking machine,Laser engraving machine,Laser weldimachine, Laser cutting machine. We would be a good cooperator.

If you want to know more information contact with me.

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Why should choosing XT LASER as partner for India’s metal sheet laser cutter — Neil

Why should choosing XT LASER as partner for India’s metal sheet laser cutter — Neil 

Metal processing has been a dominant industry in India. Many industries can’t do without the metal processing industry. Auto parts manufacturing, home appliances manufacturing and other industries need the support of the metal processing industry. So India’s metal sheet laser cutter manufacturing is particularly important and is also leading the new trend in metal processing.

Metal is a kind of gloss, extended, easy conductive and thermal material, commonly metal are iron, aluminum, copper, zinc and etc. Because of metal’s special properties, metal is used in businesses of our daily life. In this time, advanced and high performance India’s metal sheet laser cutter can meet the demand of community development and accelerate the development of metal processing.

India’s metal sheet laser cutter is also called metal laser cutter or stainless steel laser cutter, which is mainly for fast precise laser cutting that is suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum cutting. It is a new darling of metal processing industry. It is no longer need to worry about shortage of labor, high labor cost, wasting material, and making errors. Advanced laser cutting technology helps you improve processing effective and benefit, metal sheet laser cutter can definitely give you low cost and high efficiency of processing advantages.

Especially XT LASER, has been leading the industry at the forefront of society. It has dedicated special laser cutter, laser marking machine or laser engraving machine.

We participate lots of exhibitions every year, and during which, engineers will come and inspect customers laser cutting machine at their factory and do maintenance for free. Also, so many customers in India sheet metal cutting industry, our engineers come to India at least 2 times per month. New and Old customer’s machines will be taken care nicely.

Whats’s more, we have engineers team, all Indian technicians and will set up an agent in India, to service all of our Indian customers.

【XT LASER】750w Fiber laser cutting 5mm mild steel carbon steel in Indian customer’s factory 

【XT LASER】750w Fiber laser cutting 2mm stainless steel  in Indian customer’s factory

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How to chose the Fiber Laser Marking Machine in market?–Part One –Doris

If your company is in the manufacturing, electronics, or even medical sectors, sooner or later, all kinds metal and most plastic, you will require laser marking for your products and components. The best solution for this is a fiber laser marking machine. The non-contact fiber laser marking process is well-known among customers for the following reasons:



*High-temperature resistance

*Application to various materials

*No need for toxic inks, solvents, or acids

How to chose a fiber laser marking machine in market?

Only simply understanding the advantages of fiber lasers is not enough. There are other factors that you need to consider.

fiber laser marking machine
Factors for Choosing a Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

The following are parameters specific to the laser source, which you need to keep in mind when choosing a fiber laser marking machine.

Beam Quality: Beam quality is an important parameter, as it affects the laser’s processing capability. The reasons for the importance of beam quality are simple:

*A laser with better beam quality can remove material much faster, with better resolution, and improved quality.

*Laser markers with high beam quality can produce a focused optical spot size down to 20 microns or smaller.

*High beam quality lasers are particularly suited for scribing and cutting materials such as silicon, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Single or Multi-mode Lasers: There are two types of fiber lasers – single mode and multi-mode. Single mode fiber lasers deliver a narrow, high intensity beam that can be focused down to a spot size as small as 20 microns, and are generated within a fiber core of less than 25 microns. This high intensity is ideal for cutting, micro machining, and fine laser marking applications. Multi-mode lasers (also called higher order mode), use fibers with core diameters greater than 25 microns. This results in a beam with a lower intensity, and large spot size.Single mode lasers have the best beam quality, while multi-mode lasers allow for the processing of large components.

Mark Resolution: The type of fiber laser machine you choose will determine its mark resolution capabilities. The machine should be able to achieve a sufficient mark size and quality. Fiber laser marking machines generally consist of 1064nm lasers, which provide resolutions up to 18 microns.
fiber laser marking machine company
More important details will continue~~~

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Many of our clients, who contacts with fiber-laser-marking-machine, will consider about the problem of adjusting the focus point.

In fiber-laser-metal-marking process, the traditional way to adjust the focus point, is to use the handheld wheel. Currently, in order to make more convenient for the operation of metal marker, the outside red indicator is the good helper for metal-engraving-machine.

As you may know that in the metal-printing-machine, there is one inside red indicator inside of the whole metal printer, now one outside red indicator is installed on the mini & desktop fiber laser marker. During the metal engraving process, when these two red points meet together into one point, so here is the strongest laser light, so here is the focus point.

You can see the following pictures directly:

Our machines have been sent to many places in the global world. Especially for the clients, who used the marker firstly, they can also operate the jewelry laser engraving machine easily by following the videos and user manuals we sent.







Our Fiber Marking Machine has an amazing performance for the cost. It is widely used on metals and non-metals, and it can engrave both letters and high-quality images onto your products with speed (7,000mm/s) and accuracy (0.001mm).

Hoping the above can be helpful for u.

Any question, free to leave message here.

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Personal Tailor Solution — Laser Marking&Engraving Machine — Alex

Laser marking&engraving machine become more and more popular in handcraft and gift making field. Always we hope to get Personal Tailor product when buy some small piece. With the development of Laser marking&engraving machine , also the Personal Tailor become easier and easier. Among young people, if one gift shop could accept Personal Tailor. it is much more popular than others even its price may little higher.

Now let us see some common Personal Tailor laser marking&engraving application around our life

  • Phone case

Mobile phone have become irreplaceable communication tools in our life, but the common model is limited. We can saw many people use all same phone with ourselves. If we add one personal phone case, everything will be different.

ABS plastic phone case photo marking

Anodized aluminium phone case marking

Now most phone brand use anodized aluminum on the mid-to-high price range, including IPHONE, HUAWEI, Samsung etc brand.

  • Key chains

Key chains is so popular in our life, check your key chains, if you find its surface have some drawing, letter, photo etc. Yes it is laser marking&engraving machine product.

Most key chains are stainless steel or coated non-metal material, both of them could do laser marking&engraving processing.

In winter, stainless steel vacuum cup is very convenient to carry. One simple stainless steel cup may seems monotonous. But if we mark some drawing on the surface, all will be different

Except above common product in our life, nearly all small piece could saw the laser marking&engraving. such as pen, notebook, necklace etc. All of these product will use laser marking & engraving machine.

Laser marking&engraving machine sample

cup marking

Laser marking & engraving machine is easy on operation, even one green hand also can use it very well within 1 day.

Also, it is maintenance free machine, except electric power cost, it have no any other quick wear parts. Also this is why laser marking & engraving machine become so popular now.

If also you are interested in laser marking & engraving machine, pls let me know it.

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