The difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter-Ariel

The difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter

This article we will talk about the difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter.Nowadays more and more clients choose fiber laser cutting machine to do metal cutting job.So what are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?


how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine

First, excellent beam quality:

Optical fiber laser beam has the advantages of smaller focus, thinner cutting line, higher efficiency and better processing quality.

Secondly, the cutting speed is very high:

In fact, the cutting speed of fiber laser is twice as fast as that of CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power.

Third, high stability:

Fiber laser cutting machine adopts the world’s top imported fiber laser, and has stable performance.

The service life of its key components can reach 100,000 hours.

Fourthly, it has very high electro-optic conversion efficiency:

The optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts a complete solid-state digital module and a single design of the optical fiber laser. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher than that of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

The actual power utilization rate of CO2 laser cutting machine is about 10%.

The optical fiber laser cutting machine is about 25% to 30%.

The energy consumption of optical fiber laser cutting system is about 3-5 times less than that of carbon dioxide laser cutting system, and the energy efficiency is increased to more than 80%.

So it can save energy and protect the environment.

Fifth, low cost of use:

The power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of that of the same CO2 laser cutting machine.

Sixth, low maintenance cost:

There is no need for other laser working gases and reflective lenses, which can save a lot of maintenance costs through optical fiber transmission.

In addition, the product is easy to operate and maintain:

For optical fiber transmission, there is no need to adjust the optical path.

Finally, excellent flexible light guide effect:

It has the characteristics of small size, compact structure and easy to handle flexibly.

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Improve your Laser Cutting Efficiency by Six Functions-Serena

Improve your Laser Cutting Efficiency by two Functions

Here below the two ways to improve laser cutting efficiency.

Considering that piercing usually takes a long time while cutting thick sheets. Burning-out is likely to happen. The pre-piercing function that reduces the burning-out chance is a kind of cutting technology. Instead of a function owne by laser cutting machine. During use, automatic programming system is a helper. When cutting thick sheets, two stages will be experience, namely, piercing and cutting.

The pre-piercing is good for cutting efficiency improvement. Specifically speaking, laser focus is adjuste to the position where piercing is easy to be done. Then, stop the laser cutting machine and translocate the focus to the best cutting position. As a result, piercing duration is save by half or above. In addition, it is also allowed to change other technical parameters at the interval of pre-piercing and cutting. Such as, air and continuous wave are use for piercing and sheets are cut by oxygen. As thus, enough time is left for gas change.

laser cutter

In general, sheet metals are supported by saw-tooth bearing bars during laser cutting. If cutting parts are not small enough, they will can’t fall from bar gaps. Otherwise, which fail to be supported and will be out of balance with upwarp. In such case, the high-speed cutting head may collide with them to give rise to shutdown. Or even destroy the cutting head.

Such drawback can be settle by micro-connection technology. Sheet metals are disconnect to a certain degree. And the cutting parts will be still connect with circumambient segments, without any fall. The disconnection (0.2~1mm) is call as bridge site. Or micro-connection.
The micro-connection makes the connection between cutting parts and circumambient segments possible. For technically-mature programming software. Bridge sites in right amount can be automatically add according to the length of sheet profile. Or whether the adding is necessary will be judge according to the inner and outer profil. As thus, the inner profile (scraps) without bridge site will fall down. But outer profile (cutting parts) are still connect with parent metal without any fall. Hence, it is good for freeing workers from sorting-out.

Laser cutting technology in metal processing – Damon

Laser cutting technology in metal processing – The sheet metal processing is popular in almost all walks of life. And the technologies found in cutting sheet metal (below 6mm) include laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, plate shearing machine and punching etc. Among them, the laser cutting technology rise and boom in recent years.

Compared to traditional cutting methods, the laser cutting technology in metal processing is easier to understand and learn. Also it has obvious advantages in custom processing effect and speed. We can see, laser cutting technology is trending.

Development of the powerful laser technology

Laser technology is one of the top four significant innovations in the 19th century. Together with atomic energy, semiconductor and computer has good repuatation as the sharpest knife, the most accurate ruler and the brightest light. However, the barrier in the technology has not broken through until the 20th century. The technology combine with advanced equipment, promoting the development of advance equipment manufacturing industry. The technology has permeated into different fields such as metal processing, steel, aerospace, automobile making and medical equipment.

How does the laser cutting work

Exposed to the high power and density laser beams, the object to cut will heat to the vaporization temperature in a short time. And then it will evaporat with holes form. With the moving beams, the holes that consecutively formed. Then form a narrow seam (around 0.1mm), in this way, an object is finally cut into pieces. This is how it works.

Advantages of the laser cutting technology

Considering the efficiency, speed and precision, the laser cutting technology is definitely the first choice for the sheet metal cutting industry. Because it can cut almost everything without any deformation to materials. And it can solve the problems in traditional cutting technology or materials with low cutting quality problem. For example, the carbon steel plate.

In recent years, the laser cutting technology is becoming the core technology of manufacturers. It has laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, and laser scribing and fracture controlled cutting. Better yet, the laser melting cutting fits to all meltable materials such as metal.

This amazing finding changed the traditional manufacturing method of Doyle (a company in Palmyra). It has a history of 50 years. The laser cutting machine come from Cincinnati Inc. At least 90% processing time and greatly reduced the consumption of nitrogen.

A rising star in laser cutting industry

When people talk about laser cutting, people think many famous enterprises. One of which is XT, a rising star in the industry. The company is a high-tech company integrated with R&D, production and sale which has a modernize technology and top research center. Now the company’s products include fiber laser cutting, marking  and welding and cleaning machine. XT-F1530 is an ideal entry level product of XT. It has perfect mechanical property, high carbon content, comprehensive strength and hardness. It comes with 1000W-4000W laser device. The machine can meet different requirements on materials and thickness. The cutting speed it can achieve is up to 170m/min.


laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

Comparison of traditional and laser cutting – Damon

Comparison of traditional and laser cutting – With the rapid development of the metal processing industry today, due to production needs, the demands for cutting metal materials of different materials, thicknesses, and shapes have greatly increased. It poses a severe challenge to metal cutting technology. The competition in the metal processing industry has become more and more fierce.

First of all, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional processing industry technology. Comparison of traditional and laser cutting. The traditional cutting method mainly includes CNC shearing machines, punching machines, flame-cutting, plasma cutting, and high-pressure water cutting.

Shearing machine

A shearing machine, also known as a steel plate shearer. It is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. It belongs to one kind of forging machinery and mainly applies to metal plate processing. So it only needs straight cutting. This kind of equipment has low cost and simple operation. The purpose relatively single, not flexible. And it doesn’t support cutting a variety of graphics pattern.

Punching machine

The punch is a punching press. It is mainly suitable for cutting simple graphics such as square holes and round holes. So it improves the flexibility in curve processing. Some specific metal sheet workpieces can process at one time. And the processing speed of thin plates is fast. Disadvantages: First, the ability to stamp thick metal plates is limited, and the main processing objects are carbon steel plates with a size of less than 2mm. Second, the punching process will depend on molds. And mold development circle are long, production costs increased. And the degree of flexibility is not high. The third is that the processing surface of the thick steel plate is not smooth. So it is easy to produce collapse grooves, and the conventional forming will cause certain damage to the outer surface of the material. And processing noise is loud.

Flame cutting

Flame cutting is the initial thermal cutting method, namely gas cutting. Traditional flame cutting has experienced acetylene gas cutting, propane cutting. Now the widely used natural gas cutting. The cost of flame cutting equipment is low. It supports the cutting of thick steel plates, and the market has a very large stock. Its disadvantages are that the cutting thermal deformation is too large, the slit is too wide. And the utilization rate of the plate is low. It is only suitable for rough processing products and requires secondary processing.


Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt and evaporate the metal part or part of the incision of the workpiece and uses the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form an incision. The advantage is that the cutting speed is fast, the cutting surface is smooth, and it supports various metals that are difficult to cut by oxygen, especially for non-ferrous metals. The disadvantage is that the cutting seam is wider, the cutting surface is not smooth, and it is easy to produce a large amount of metal dust, glare, etc problem. Production safety cannot be effectively guaranteed.

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

Four Types of Laser Cutting – Damon

With the continuous development of science and technology, laser cutting technology is becoming more and more mature. Today, I will introduce the four types of laser cutting technology.

Laser cutting is currently one of the most popular methods of metal processing. Its principle is to use a focused high-power-density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point of the irradiated material. At the same time, it takes advantage of the high-speed coaxial with the beam. The airflow blows away the molten material. Thereby realizing the cutting of metal workpieces.

According to the thermal and physical properties of the processed materials and the auxiliary gas properties, laser cutting mainly has four types. They are laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting and laser-controlled fracture.

        1.Laser vaporization cutting

Using the high-energy and high-density laser beam to heat the workpiece. So the temperature of the cutting material rises rapidly, reaching the boiling point of the material in a short time. It skip the melting step and directly start to vaporize to form vapor. While the steam is blowing out, an incision is formed in the cut material.

2.Laser melting cutting

The laser heat and melt the metal material by inactive gas, such as nitrogen. It blow out through a nozzle coaxial with the beam. And the molten liquid metal discharged due to the strong pressure of the gas. The advantage of using laser melting and cutting is that the cutting edge is relatively smooth and general. No need for the secondary processing, higher laser energy requirements and higher gas pressure. It is suitable for cutting stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and alloy metals.

        3.laser oxygen cutting

         The principle of laser oxygen cutting is similar to oxyacetylene cutting. It uses laser as the preheating heat source. And it uses active gas such as oxygen as the cutting gas. On the one hand, the sprayed gas oxidizes with the cutting metal and releases a large amount of oxidation heat. On the other hand, the molten oxide and melt are blown out of the reaction zone to form a cut in the metal. The cutting speed is fast. And it is mainly suitable for cutting carbon steel metal materials.

4.laser controlled fracture  

Laser-controlled fracture is the use of a relatively small laser power to create a sharp temperature distribution in the groove. It generates local thermal stress in the brittle material, causing the material to break along the groove. Larger power will cause the surface of the workpiece to melt and destroy the cutting edge. It is mainly suitable for cutting brittle materials such as silicon wafers and glass.

Fiber laser cutting machines applications: Jill

Fiber laser cutting machines applications

Fiber laser cutting machines applications.

It is used to cut small components with a high degree of accuracy.

Fiber Laser Systems

Firstly,the laser can operate in continuous mode. The laser has the ability to cut thin materials at high linear speeds.

And fiber laser machinery are very stable and have low maintenance requirements.


Secondly,the intense narrow light beam,so that to cut materials that are usually difficult to cut.

And include mild steel, high strength steels, stainless steel, titanium, and platinum, also highly reflective metals, such as copper, precious metals such as silver and gold.

High Tolerances

Thirdly,the fiber laser can reach up to (0.02 mm) accuracy. Cause it uses servo motors for positioning,and ball transmission that’s adjustable to eliminate mechanical play.


Fourthly,productivity is high as the laser is capable of cutting at speeds of up to (200 mm/s).

Fiber laser cutting machine applications

Fifthly,cause it can cut complex components for many industries, including the medical device, automotive, aerospace, jewelry and general manufacturing industries that require small and micro components.

Examples include:

Firstly,Medical Devices: Various medical device and component parts

Secondly,Automotive: assembly of automobiles

Thirdly,Electronics: Semi-Conductor chips

Fourthly,Watch and Clock Components: make escapement wheels, shafts, and gears

Fifthly,Jewelry Manufacturing: monograms, necklaces, and earrings made with precious metals

It can cut a wide variety of materials for creating complex shapes

So fiber laser cutting machine offer both process cost savings, manufacturing benefits and better made products.

Finally,following with one of cutting videos:

So sharing the cutting samples from our customers,he shows off his masterpiece:

Fiber laser cutting machine applications









Fiber laser cutting machine applications

Cause you know fiber laser cutter with excellent finish,good edge detail,extremely high tolerances create opportunities for cost-effective manufacture of parts and components.

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Sheet metal fiber laser cutters for steel: Jill

Sheet metal fiber laser cutters for steel

Sheet metal fiber laser cutters for steel.

For now,fiber laser cutting machine,the best one is IPG laser source.

IPG is quite a famous top1 brand.

It is to cut stainless steel to improve strength, to produce gamma rays, and also as an active laser media.

IPG can cut high-reflective metal well.

Firstly,the laser wave length allows the laser energy to be delivered by a fiber optic cable.  This eliminates all the perishable and expensive mirrors in conventional lasers.

Secondly, the fiber laser consumes 1/3 the electric.

Thirdly,the laser beam wave length allows it to cut stainless steel, copper, and aluminum dramatically better than other lasers.  And finally, most importantly, it is fast!  It can process 2-3 times faster than regular lasers, or even more, depending on the application.

Sheet metal fiber laser cutters for steel

In simple terms, the laser machine acts like a giant magnifying glass to concentrate the light energy into a powerful and narrow beam.

The laser cut pieces have advantages over traditional punching since there is not a burr with laser cutting.  MWG utilizes the lasers to produce large fabrications and parts for production welding.

Delivering quality cutting machines for industries.

  • The frequency and power of each machine are different.
  • The driver, motor, laser source, water chiller, and servo driver are the most vital parts inside the cutting machine.
  • If you want accuracy in all your metal cutting endeavors, then gong with a fiber laser cutting machine is the best idea. If you want to measure metal cutting with that of a vernier, then it must be done only with laser.
  • More speed, best accuracy, pipe cutting, low consumption, great versatility, big and compact dimensions you need to notice that when you look for while buying laser cutting machines.
  • You can either choose a multi-mode or single laser as these are the two fiber laser kinds that are found. Think about your laser cutting requirement and choose the one that you think is the best.

Following with one cutting video:

Sharing the cutting samples pictures,SS,CS,Alu,Brass:

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter








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Fiber laser cutting gas and pressure selection-Huda

Fiber laser cutting gas and pressure selection

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutting gas and pressure selection

Laser cutting machine cutting, according to the cutting sheet material, need to choose different cutting gas.

The selection of gas and pressure has great influence on the quality of fiber laser cutting machine.

The influence of cutting gas and pressure on cutting quality

1) The cutting gas plays the role of heat dissipation and combustion support, blowing away the melting stains, and obtaining the cutting section of good quality.

2) When the cutting gas pressure is insufficient, the cutting quality will be affected by the following:

when cutting, melting stains occur, cutting speed can not meet the requirements, affecting the production efficiency.

3) when the cutting gas pressure is too high, the cutting quality is affected:

the cutting surface is rough and the slit is wide;

At the same time, this will cause part of the cutting section melting, can not form a good cutting section.

Effect of cutting gas pressure on perforation

1) When the gas pressure is too low, the laser is not easy to penetrate the cut plate, and the punching time will increase, resulting in low productivity.

2) When the gas pressure is too high, the penetration point will melt, forming a larger melting point, affecting the cutting quality.

3) Laser drilling, the general use of higher pressure punch thin plate, and the use of specific punching method to punch thick thin plate, eliminating the shortcomings of low pressure protection of the lens.

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High power fiber laser cutter is becoming popular-Ariel

High power fiber laser cutter is becoming popular

We sold many 12kw fiber laser cutting machine recently.And also received many inquiry about high power machine.High power fiber laser cutter is becoming popular.


At present, the market share of fiber lasers in the industrial field over 50%. There is no doubt that high power fiber lasers have become the mainstay of the laser industry. And this situation will remain for a long time in the future.

And Xintian technology has won an excellent reputation in the global market. Such as With Germany, the United States, Japan, Britain, Russia, Malaysia and other countries. Over the years, we have exported our products to more than one hundred countries and regions.


As you Know,One of the most attractive advantages of fiber lasers is their wide range of materials. And High applicability, and low maintenance costs. It can process not only common carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and non-metal materials. But also cutting and welding highly reflective metals such as brass, aluminum, copper, gold and silver.

Better processing tools

If the development trend of fiber lasers is seen from the trend of medium and high power laser processing. The most popular fiber lasers in the early market are 1 kW to 2 kW. However, with the pursuit of improved processing speed and efficiency. 3k ~ 6kW products have become the industry’s hottest. In the future, this trend driving the industry’s demand for 10 kW and higher power segment fiber lasers.

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The application of 10kW+ laser cutting machine-Serena

The application of 10kW+ laser cutting machine

Compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting). 10kW+ laser cutting machine has the following benefits:

1. Low processing cost, less processing process, high efficiency.

The traditional process generally includes 5 processes plus 4 times loading and unloading. While 10kW+ laser cutting can simplify the process as: plate transported into the factory, laser cutting (laser cutting + laser bevel cutting + laser drilling) 2 processes. This does not only improve the processing speed, save labor. But also greatly reduces the cost of ship manufacturing.

In addition, 10kW+ laser cutting machine holds superior advantages in dealing with thick plate processing. The speed is faster than traditional plasma cutting. And with the increase of laser power. The cutting speed of 10mm carbon steel plate will continue to increase. Similarly, with the increase of power.Tthe cutting thickness of carbon steel plate is also increasing.

2. More flexible and intelligent

Laser cutting machine with CNC system and 3D robot can help users achieve intelligent, flexible production. 10kW+ plate laser cutting machine with hydraulic lifting auxiliary loading mechanism and auto-exchange platform, can achieve flexible loading and unloading, plate fine adjustment, fast cutting to reduce non-production time. Combined with the high intelligent CNC bus system, 10kW+ laser cutting machine realizes the functions of cutting process setting change, real-time monitoring of cutting state, and whole-process detection and recording of cutting data parameters. Our Senfeng R&D engineers are continuously optimizing cutting process parameters and cutting effect.

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

And more

3. efficient and precise machining of various shapes of workpiece

Because the shape required by the hull structure is varied, the corresponding need for the 10kW+ laser cutting machine can achieve multi-angle, multi-direction cutting by its intelligent CNC cutting head. With the high intelligent numerical control system, it can process the high-quality workpiece with the cutting seam about 0.03mm, vertical cutting without hanging burrs at the bottom, so as to ensure the overall precision of the workpiece.


4. Easy to maintain, time and effort saving

The light source is the laser beam transmitted through the optical fiber. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical path, this optical fiber transmission mode is simpler, clearer and easier to maintain. With the power distribution cabinet of the 10kW+ cutting machine, it is safe, dust-proof and anti-static, which greatly saves the time, energy and maintenance cost.


With all the benefits 10kW+ laser cutting machines possess, we can see its great potential and bright future in applying in not only ship building industry, but also in other heavy industries. XTLASER, with it’s all out campaign for 10kW+, provides you the most optimum laser cutter to boost your business. Contact us!