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Laser Application in Metal Pipes – China is the largest producer and consumer of steel over the world. In recent years, in order to meet the processing requirements of the industrial market. Various laser processing systems for pipe cutting is more and more familiar to metal cutting. With the rapid growth of metal pipe production and consumption, advanced laser processing system solutions have widely applied pipes industrial production and processing. Especially in the processing of stainless steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel. And also nickel-titanium alloy, Inconel, titanium alloys and other metal pipe processing applications.

At present, although the pipe laser cutting equipment is rapidly popular in China. And the demand for numerical control cutting talents and laser cutting technology is rapidly increasing. Laser Application in Metal Pipes. Serious shortages and lags in laser cutting equipment and CNC cutting talents and processes have resulted in low cutting efficiency and poor cutting quality.For the main technical problems of laser cutting, we have listed some of the major technical considerations of the pipe industry for the reference of business owners.


Cutting blanking

For large-length metal pipe full-stroke automatic laser cutting blanking process requirements, in the mechanical structure using a unique double drive pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism.2 That can realize large-length metal pipe full-stroke automatic laser cutting and cutting.


CNC cutting

CNC cutting is a high-volume, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting production method for pipes. The core of CNC cutting is the CNC cutting system. It is the cutting control software of the index control system to provide advanced cutting technology experience. So that the operator can use the control system skillfully to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency CNC cutting.


Nesting software

First of all, through the professional pipe cutting software in advance on the computer drawing, nesting, cutting and programming subsection, NC cutting program generated. And then the full length of the metal pipe full length automatic laser cutting. Professional pipe nesting software is the basis and prerequisite for realizing high-volume, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting production of CNC pipe cutters.


Cutting process

When the pipe cutting (especially for small diameter pipe), the slag will appear to the inner wall of the pipe. The workpiece will absorbe cutting heat. When the cutting density is large, it often causes the pipe to overheat as well as the corners. Burning of the corners severely affects the quality of the cuts and even cannot cut.  Keeping the focus of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece surface unchanged, so the change of the surface of the workpiece won’t affct the cutting effect.

Now, laser tube cutting technology is in a process of rapid development and continuous improvement. With the continuous update and development of computer technology, mechanical structure, cutting technology and optimization algorithms, CNC laser tube cutting technology will more prominently demonstrate its intelligence and speed.

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The laser cutting material and speed:Jill

The laser cutting material and speed

The laser cutting material and speed.

Firstly.The proper speed of the laser cutting machine can not only improve the quality of the slit.Also the slit is narrow and flat.And the deformation of the slit can also reduce.

Secondly.If the cutting speed is too fast, the cutting line energy will be lower than the require amount. If the slit is blown through the slit, the material cannot blow off quickly.Which will cause a large amount of back drag, affecting the slit. The completeness of the situation may even occur if need secondary processing.

Thirdly.If the speed of the laser cutting machine is too low, the cutting position will expose to the high temperature of the laser for a long time.Which not only causes the cutting seam to become large, but also may affect the appearance of the slit due to too much heat conduction. The phenomenon of hanging slag appears on the back of the metal.

Therefore, the cutting speed will affect the cutting quality, not only from the cutting speed.I hope everyone should be careful when operating the metal laser cutting machine.

Comparing with traditional cutting tools,how about the fiber laser cutting machine?

One is flexibility.

How can a laser cutting machine be flexible? Just how to cut it, it can cut the shape of the programmed program on the stainless steel, and the laser can cut in the direction. The shape can change flexibly by computer programming. The flexibility of laser cutting machines supports more and more individualize processes, reducing the number of molds.

The second is accuracy.

Comparing with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, laser cutting machine has much higher precision in cutting metal sheets. At the same time, different materials may undergo slight deformation during processing. The laser cutting machine can adjust flexibly according to these deformations.

So if you are in the field of metal products,you need it.

Whatever the furniture,industrial field,kitchen field,hardware tools.Fiber laser cutting machine can help you save cost.

When you ask about the machine,you need tell us.

1.What material want to cut?

2.What thickness?

3.Cutting area.

Then we can make sure the laser power and model.

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How to cut a perfect circle by fiber laser cutters:Jill

How to cut a perfect circle by fiber laser cutters

How to cut a perfect circle by fiber laser cutters.


H seies

The application of laser cutting technology on solar panels

With the popularity of laser cutting machines, customers have more and more requirements for laser cutting machines. For example, laser cutting machines cut out various patterns, and the use of laser cutting machines to cut round holes is not as simple as in the picture. So today, we canshare with you the points that need to be paid attention to when cutting a circular hole with a laser cutting machine.

Firstly. The laser cutting machine cuts the 1:1 hole is the best solution. The larger the hole diameter, the better the cutting. If the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity is insufficient, the hole will be irregular and the break point will be too much.

Secondly. The gas pressure is too large or too small. When the gas pressure is too high, the cutting edge is rough and the burning is severe. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons for solving the irregularity of the circular hole cutting.

Thirdly. Servo motor parameters. Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the circular motion. The parameters are not suitable. If the x and y axes do not match, the ellipse or irregular pattern will appear in the circular hole.

Finally. The accuracy of the lead screw or guide rail is not enough. Some small factories have low technical strength and low level of workers. The accuracy of the laser cutting machine produced is less than 0.1mm, so the precision of the circular hole for cutting is not up to standard.

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Why Laser Cutting Machine is the First Choice for Metal Sheet Processing?-Serena

Why Laser Cutting Machine is the First Choice for Metal Sheet Processing?

As we all know, laser cutting machines have unique advantages. In its range of application, service life, operating difficulty and regular maintenance. Compared with traditional metal sheet processing equipment by the cutting convenience, easy operation and increasing popularity in global users.

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine

* Costs

Laser cutting machines have extensive use in most industries. Decreasing many working procedures necessary for other traditional cutting machines, they are so economical and practical that these laser machines are widely regard as “highly attractive in price and quality”.

* Range of Application

Laser cutting machines can process all kinds of metal sheets and tubes (with high enough configurations). This is what traditional cutting machines lack. Therefore, fiber laser cutter holds its monopoly position.

* Service Life

CNC laser cutting machine is perfect in workmanship and generally cover with baking varnish. As a result, rusting will be unlikely to happen and its service life is greatly prolonged. It can be said that the laser machine has satisfactory utilization rate.

*Operating Method

With light structure, the metal laser cutter is easy and convenient to be operate. All operators who have relevant mechanical knowledge can handle with it easily.

* Regular Maintenance

As a general rule, the sheet and tube metal laser cutting machine is split-type. And easy to be maintain in daily life and while troubleshooting.

Given that, laser cutting machines are widely apply in cutting various metal materials. And have emerged as the favorite of large, medium and small-sized metal processing customers.

Unlike traditional flame cutting, plasma arc cutting and high-pressure water cutting, fiber laser cutting performs better in flexible processing, which is fast in cutting speed, high in cutting efficiency and has short production cycle. Considering that its cutting force is proper, sheet or tube metal will be cut in high quality. With good adaption to cutting materials, both simple and complicated elements can be cut only by once. In addition, our sheet metal laser cutting machines are also feature by narrow cutting joint, high cutting quality, low cutting price, high automation, easy operation, low labor intensity and pollution-free. Due to imported nesting software, the cutting materials can be typeset automatically to improve material utilization at low costs. Many mechanical experts agree that the next 30-40 years will be a golden era for laser cutting technology. This is also the development direction of metal sheet processing.

How About the Effect of Laser Cutting High-reflectivity Materials?-Serena

How About the Effect of Laser Cutting High-reflectivity Materials?


In laser cutting field, cutting or welding the high-reflectivity materials is know as a hard problem. Almost all customers and manufacturers are concerned about whether high-reflectivity materials can be cut by laser cutting machines.

What is and how to distinguish the high-reflectivity materials?

1. Electroconductibility
The high-reflectivity materials perform well in electroconductibility. Unlike stainless steel and carbon steel, copper and aluminum have high electroconductibility, but, red copper performs best. With less heating, the copper wire is better than aluminum wire in electroconductibility. In conclusion, the high the electroconductibility, the highly reflective the materials.

2. Surface Brightness
The flatter and brighter the surface, the highly reflective the materials. Stainless steel is classify as a high-reflectivity material even after its coating film is torn off. A wood will also be regarded as high-reflectivity material when it is bright enough to a certain extent, which is unrelated to texture of materials.

3. Surface State
The different temperature (solid or liquid state) of material surface also affects the laser absorption (which represents the degree of laser reflectivity to some extent) . Generally speaking, as the surface temperature rises or if the surface is in liquid state, the laser absorption will be higher than that under low temperature or solid state.

4. Laser Output Wavelength
Different materials will show different laser absorption when the laser is different in laser output wavelength.
For laser cutting or welding, the so-called high reflectivity is a relative concept. Please make accurate judgment according to electroconductivity, surface brightness, surface state and laser output wavelength. But, material designation also plays an important role in above process. Such as, pure aluminum is highly reflective, however, 7 and 8 series aluminum perform worse. Even materials with the same designation also vary from actual situation. Aluminum alloy is easily cut, but pure aluminum shall be treate with caution. Besides, mirror stainless steel is also a kind of high-reflectivity material.


Fiber Laser Cutter Operation-Huda

Fiber Laser Cutter Operation

Fiber Laser Cutter Operation

For different materials, due to their different thermo-physical properties and different absorption rates for lasers,

so they show different adaptability for laser cutting.

The laser cutting machine will continue the epoch-making product revolution.

Firstly, Fixed cutting material.

Fix the material to cut on the work surface of the laser cutting machine;

Secondly, Adjust the parameters of the equipment according to the material and thickness of the metal plate;

3, Select appropriate lenses and nozzles, and check them before starting to check their intact condition and cleaning condition

4, Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position;

5, check and adjust the nozzle center;

6, Cutting head sensor calibration;

7, Select the appropriate cutting gas and check whether the spraying state is good;

8, Try cutting the material;

After that the material is cut, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy.

If there is an error, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proof meets the requirements and is available;

9, Programming the workpiece drawings and corresponding layout, and import the equipment cutting system;

10, Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;

11, During the operation, the staff must be present at all times and carefully observe the cutting situation.

If there is an emergency situation, so they need to respond quickly, press the emergency stop button;

12, Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample;

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How to focus the laser – Damon

How to focus the laser-You can find the normal solution about laser cutting machine and laser cutting process.


Working Principle

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, typically in industrial manufacturing applications. But it is also starting to appare in schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. The laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) uses to direct the material or the laser beam generated. A typical commercial laser for cutting materials would involve a motion control system to follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut onto the material. The focus laser beam is directed at the material. Then either melts, burns, vaporizes away.

Factors Influencing on the Dimensions Accuracy in Laser Cutting

We confirm a laser cutting machine manufacturer is excellent. The cutting precision is the first standard. Therefore, how to confirm the cutting precision whether qualified will be from the following four factors:

1.    the size of the laser coagulation of the laser generator. If the spot is very small, the cutting accuracy is very high, and the gap is very small after cutting. It shows that the precision of laser cutting machine is very high.

2.    the accuracy of the working table. If the accuracy of the working table is very high, then the accuracy of the cutting is obvious. Therefore, the precision of the working table is also a very important factor to measure the accuracy of the laser generator.

3.    laser beam condensed into a cone. When cutting, the laser beam is to taper down. When the thickness of the workpiece cutting is very large, cutting accuracy will reduce.The gap will be very large.

4.    cutting the material is different, also will affect the precision of the laser cutting machine. In the same case, the cutting of stainless steel and aluminum will be very different accuracy. Stainless steel cutting accuracy will be higher. And the section will be smooth.

How to focus the laser

The laser beam is focused through the focal lens. The focal lens acts like a magnifying glass and sunlight. For a 55mm lens, the laser beam passes through the lens and converges to the smallest point at about 55mm from the edge of the lens. The laser beam concentrate to the smallest size at this “spot”. Because the lens mount in the focal tube. The question is how to put the material at the optimum location to engrave or cut.


Whenever we want to engrave, we want to have the laser beam focus to the smallest spot and that spot locate at the top surface of the material. Having the smallest spot size will give us the best resolution. the best DPI (dots per inch). The laser machine should have come with a manual height measurement tool. Some machine come with a square piece or acrylic to match to a marker on the side of the focal tube. Other machines come with a feeler gauge that snuggly fits between the focal tube nozzle and the top surface of the material.

The normal adjustment method is to place the material on the worktable. And then to move the worktable height such that the top surface of the material is at the focus spot of the laser beam. Use the measurement tool while moving the table to the proper height. Make sure not to move the table too far. You will not want to damage the table surface, material, or the focal assembly.

Most laser machines have a movable table height. If the table will not move or is already moved to the top, then the focal tube has some adjustment to move/slide up and down about 1.5 inches. First, loosen the focal tube nut (or screw). Second, move the focal tube to the desired height above the material surface. Last, tighten the focal tube nut (or screw).

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

High power stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine :Jill

High power stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine

High power stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

In the past years,cutting machine is more and more useful in industry.

As you know,many industrial suppliers use the steel cabinet,especially the stainless steel material careers.

More and more customer need to buy steel cabinet. So the fiber laser cutting machine is getting more and more popular.

Firstly,Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal very fast.Secondly,Laser cutting machine save the cost of making cabinet. Such as fiber laser cutting machine working efficiently. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting metallic materials with excellent characteristics.Thirdly,the cutting plates doesn’t appear uneven edges,burrs,sharp. Finally,the laser cutting machine metals doesn’t need to add other process.It can be used in making cabinet directly.

High power stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser technology is scalable, power levels are reaching performance parity .As Steel is still the most common material and many cutting process need it.

Other cutting technologies competing with lasers,like including flame cutting, plasma, and water jet.

Each has benefits for specific applications.

For a typical mild steel production cutting environment, customers always compare the Plasma and fiber laser cutting machine. If you want to cut about 3/6 inch,fiber laser cutting machine is faster than Plasma.

But as plate thickness increases, plasma matches and then exceeds laser speed.Where the laser shines, however, is in cut part accuracy, mainly due to the very small width, and heat affected zone. In accuracy terms, lasers can achieve .005-.010 inch levels, while plasma can not get a such levels,about two to three times of this figure.

So what’s the best option? For thin sheet, fiber laser is the dominant technology for high rate cutting, while in thicker sections, CO2 is still preferred for high definition work with good cutting speeds. If accuracy isn’t as critical, plasma is a viable option for thick parts, but as fiber lasers grow in capability, look for high-volume part makers to make the switch.

Following with the fiber laser stainless steel cutting video:

The samples pictures also share with you:

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine










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Improve Your Laser Cutting Efficiency by 4 Functions (II)-Serena

Improve Your Laser Cutting Efficiency by 4 Functions


At present, fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly popular at home and abroad. And widely adopt by metal plate processing industry. It can not only improve production efficiency. But also propel the intellectualization and automation degree of metal plate processing. Judging from current developing strategy. Fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replace traditional cutting methods.With order increases and business expansion. The higher fiber laser cutting efficiency and quality are widely pursue by users in the process of fiber laser cutting.

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

Now, 4 practical functions we recommend below can help you with the improvement of fiber laser cutting efficiency and performance.

For early laser cutting machines. The laser cutting head needs to finish three actions, namely, lift (high enough to be safe), move flatly and fall. However, the leapfrog technology, a remarkable technical progress, will save lifting and falling duration by giving up flat moving. For frogs, food is caught. For laser cutting machines, the reward is higher cutting efficiency.

While cutting different materials, the focus of laser beam must fall on different positions of workpiece section. As thus, it is needful to adjust focus position (namely, change focus). Early laser cutting machines usually adjust focus by hands, however, many laser cutting machines have been equip with autofocus function now. Specifically speaking, a variable curvature reflector (or known as adjustable mirror) is placed before laser beam gets into focusing mirror, then, divergence angle of reflected laser beam changes by varying the curvature, as a result, focus position is changed. In this way, laser focus will be rapidly adjuste to the optimum position.

3.Automatic Edge Searching. The automatic edge searching can perceive the sheet tilting angle and point of origin, and change cutting process. With it, the time of workpiece translocation can be save–it is not easy to adjust (move) hundreds of kilograms of workpiece on cutting platform. Hence, this function will make for waste avoidance and efficiency improvement.

Small format fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Small format fiber laser cutting machine

We have some clients who want to buy a fiber laesr cutting machine.But they don’t have a big factory and their cutting objects are very small.So our common fiber laser cutting machine  with 1500*3000mm cutting area is not suitable.But don’t worry.We also have small format fiber laser cutting machine can be choose.Like 6060 model or 1309 model.

1.The precision laser cutting machine adopt a linear motor platform
with high precision, good stability and long service life!

Firstly,The structure of a linear motor just like forming a rotating electric machine in a radial direction

and expanding the circumference of the motor into a straight line.

Then the stator is equivalent to the primary of the linear motor.

The rotor is equivalent to the secondary of the linear motor.

When apply the secondary current, a traveling wave magnetic field is generated in the air gap

between the primary and secondary, and the traveling magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet.

Besides,the driving force is generated under the action to realize the linear motion of the moving parts.

In another way,in recent years, some developed countries in the world have begun to apply linear motor technology

to the linear motion drive system of CNC machine tools to replace the traditional servo motor + ball screw drive system,

which achieves great success.

Secondly,it adopts AheadTechs laser cutting control system,
which is a full-tech synthesis software that integrates file reading, typesetting, conversion code and processing control.

The installation is simple and convenient,

and the process from drawing to finished product can  complete by the cooperation of the machine tool and the software!

Greatly improve the flexibility and scalability of the device.

It is possible to interconnect smart factories and equipment.


and other brands of fiber lasers, developed a wide range of perforation processes such as three-stage, progressive perforation.

Thirdly,Application field

It can cut a variety of metal plates and pipes, and is mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel,

carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, various alloy plates,

rare metals and other materials.

Fourthly,Covering the industry

Jewelry, glasses, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, mobile communications, digital products,

electronic components, watches, computer accessories, instrumentation, precision instruments,

metal molds, auto parts, craft gifts and other diversified industries.

Any questions about the precision machine,we can have a further discussion.