The brie introduction of BCS 100 height controller

BCS100 independent capacitor height controller (hereinafter referred to as BCS100) adopts a closed-loop control method to control the excitation
The light cutting capacitor follower is a high-performance capacitor height adjustment device. Except for controllers similar to other products
In addition to the type, BCS100 also provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface, which can cooperate with our company
The CypCut laser cutting software easily implements highly automatic tracking, segmented piercing, progressive piercing, edge finding
Cutting, leapfrog lifting, arbitrary setting of cutting head lifting height, flight optical path compensation and other functions. its response speed
The degree is also greatly improved. In terms of servo control, because BCS100 adopts the double closed-loop algorithm of speed and position, the operation
The performance such as speed and precision are obviously better than similar products at home and abroad.


nical specifications:➢ Sampling rate 1000 times per second.

➢ Static measurement accuracy is 0.001 mm.
➢ The dynamic response accuracy is 0.05mm.
➢ The height follow-up control range is 0-25 mm.
➢ The upper limit of the following speed depends on the upper limit of the servo motor speed and the lead of the screw. 10mm lead screw and 6000
RPM servo, the maximum follow speed can reach 1000mm/sec.
➢ When the length of the signal transmission cable reaches 100 meters, the signal is not attenuated, and the anti-interference ability is strong.
➢ Support network communication, U disk upgrade and network online upgrade.
➢ It can be adapted to any cutting head and nozzle, and the capacitance parameters are adaptive.
➢ Support touch board alarm, follow beyond edge alarm.
➢ Support edge detection and automatic edge finding.
➢ One-key calibration process, the operation is fast, simple and convenient.
➢ Support leapfrog lift, segmented perforation, and the lift height can be set arbitrarily.
➢ Support oscilloscope function, which can detect capacitance and height changes in real time.
➢ Support jitter suppression function, which can effectively suppress jitter caused by air blowing and scum.

How to solve molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process ?

When oxygen is used as the auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine, the molten metal will be oxidized during the perforation process, and whiskers will not be formed,

and the adhesion with the surface of the stainless steel material is not strong. When nitrogen is used as the auxiliary gas, the molten metal will not be oxidized.

At this time, the viscosity of the molten metal is low, and it will expand into a desired shape. Moreover, due to the strong adhesion between the molten metal and the surface of the material,

the molten metal will be in the small hole. stacked around. How does the laser cutting machine prevent the splashing and sticking of molten metal?


First, reduce the amount of production Adjusting the perforation conditions, increasing the frequency and reducing the output power of a single pulse will effectively reduce the amount of melting. The molten metal ejected from the perforated hole is blown away by auxiliary gas or side blowing gas.

Second, to prevent adhesion Applying a separator on the surface of the material can also prevent the adhesion of molten metal. When there is a separator on the surface of the material, the molten metal produced in the perforation will accumulate on the separator and not directly adhere to the surface of the material. The separator can use a slag inhibitor or a surfactant that is easy to handle later.

Third, there are two ways to remove whisker-like burrs. One is to cut a small round hole near the perforation hole, and cut the molten metal together when cutting the round hole; the other is to put the focus position upward after perforation. moving, remelting the deposits and blowing them away with gas.

What should we prepare before installation of fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Room should be clean, no dust;
  2. .Alcohol,Pure water.
    Purity is 99.99%,if we need change the lens of laser head,we need to use it.And in your future using,you also need it to clean the lens.
    Water chiller need pure water,not the normal water. If the quality of pure water is not particularly good, it is recommended to change the water once every 2 weeks.                                                 Good quality water, once a month for water.
  3. The suitable industrial voltage,you should have it already.
    Standard voltage of laser machine in China : 380v or 3 phase, 50 Hz
  4. Get the lubricating oil.
    You know we have the lubricating oil system, to make sure the guide rail,rack and pinion ,etc.

    If possible,prepare some tools,like Wrench, pliers, electric drill,need install the machine.


How to clean the protective lens in the laser cleaning machine

It is important to clean the protective lens on the laser cleaning machine when you use it for several times.


Toward light to check the protection lens, if not dust on  surface, set it in protection holder. If there is dust on surface,

please kindly do as following steps :

① Tools : Dust-free

cleaning cotton bud, isopropyl alcohol, Rubber air blast.

②Spray the isopropyl alcohol on cotton bud.

③ Hold the side edge of lens with fingers.

④ Use the cotton wipe the lens, from up to down or from left to right. Uni-direction wipe both sides

of the lens softly, and use the air blast blowing the lens surface. Ensure that on the lens no foreign materials.

⑤ After cleaning should immediately set the lens in welding head or keep it in clean device

Iron casting VS Thick plate welding machine bed

First of all, there will surely be some faults in Iron casting machine bed, especially for current factories, who produce machine beds. Most of them only choose some mixed, not good quality irons, as a result, machine quality can not be assured.

Also, in market, total weight of iron casting machine bed is no heavier than 3 tons, which is absolutely terrible. This is surely because manufacturers want to make more profits, so they use less materials. Because normally one standard 1530 iron casting machine bed is at least 4-5 tons.

All in all, some suppliers only use IRON CASTING MACHINE BED for an advertisement.


Second, Casting Iron Machine Body will have many bubble inside and we can’t check it by ordinary equipment. these bubble will make bed not solid. After long time running. Machine bed may breakage


Third ,once the screws on machine bed are loose, hard to fix it.

During fiber laser cutting machine running processing, there is many shake, after several months, machine bed have big problem


XT LASER choose Thick plate welding machine bed

  1. This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure, it is produced by relief annealing, so the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.


  1. For thick plate welding machine bed, inside the metal plates are solid. So, even after long time of running, it will still remain stable.


  1. After long time of using , some screws may become loose, but do not worry. Because you just make screws more tight, that is all.

No need worry about loose screws.

Why should we need auxiliary gas when we using fiber laser cutting machine cutting metal materials ?

  1. First, the auxiliary gas will start chemical reaction with the metal material, which increases the working capacity.
  2. Second, blowing off the slag by air and clean the cutting seam.
  3. Third, the gas will cool the area around cutting seam, which can avoid shape change of the material.
  4. Last but most important, to protect the Focus Lens from combustion products caused by high temperature of laser beam.

Normally, O2 ( Oxygen) , N (Nitrogen) and Air will be used as auxiliary gas for fiber laser cutting.

Advantages of laser cleaning

As the newly-released cleaning method, most people know little about it. I am writing this passage in hope of making more people

have a rough idea about the laser cleaning. Here are the advantages of laser clesaning.

1. Non-contact cleaning does not damage the base material of the parts.
2. Precise cleaning can realize selective cleaning with precise position and precise size.
3. No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly.
4. The operation is simple, just power on, and it can be hand-held or cooperated with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.
5. The cleaning efficiency is very high, saving time.
6. The laser cleaning system is stable and almost requires no maintenance.
7. One-time investment, economical and efficient.

Why some customer prefer enclosed section?–Amy Liu

Why some customer prefer enclosed section fiber laser machine?–Amy Liu

G section

enclosed sention fiber lasr machine

1.It has enclosed type, Stop the sparks splashed during laser cutting ,so it’s more safe for workers

2.It has exchange table loading and downloading is more convient

3.It has two monitors that other laser company dont have, so woker just need to sit in front of the screen, they could know the process of cutting


4.Sheet welding machine bed, better load-bearing capacity

5.It has two fans on the top, so it can press up and dowm to Absorb exhaust gas,reduce the even little harm gas to human


In fact, many countries set laws to strictly manage industrial equipment, it is also a very important reason. On the one hand, it can make suppliers more standardized, on the other hand, it can ensure the safety of workers and reduce unnecessary social expenditures.

But that not means open section has no advance,our open section also has high configuration. different demand, different choose.

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a.  Product warranty extension for half a year (except lasers)
b.  A spree of accessories worth $500
c.  Freight subsidy: 1% of the total amount of the machine as a freight subsidy is borne by XT LASERunt of the machine is paid by XT LASER as freight subsidy.

If any intrested please contact us any time!!!


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Enclosed fiber laser marking machine

Enclosed fiber laser marking machine

In this article, we will tell you the enclosed fiber laser marking machine from 3 parts:

Machine model

Marking video


Portable and compact, which can be transported by air to save freight

It never falls after marking

Brief introduction about H Series open tpye fiber laser machine–Amy Liu

Brief introduction about H Series open tpye fiber laser machine–Amy Liu

1.Unique designed outlook of open type fiber laser machine.


Color: white + black + orange

Black and white make people feel calm and stylish;
Orange makes people feel warm and lively.

Features:simple but cool,  Low-key without losing connotation, The machine functions are integrated and the integrity is good,

welcomed by a lot of our customer


2.Advance of open type fiber laser machine

1)easy to check the process of cutting


2)easy to put meterial

3)Light weight and low shipping price

3.All preparation process, of the machine before shipment

1)First of all, we will conduct strict quality inspections on hardware raw materials, including size, flatness, material, etc.

2)Then , we will get all the materials together.

3)Next , the test department will test hardware and  software of the machine, such as the  obstacle avoidance function and seek edge.

4)Ask the customer to adjust the commonly used parameters

5)Grease to prevent rust and increase lubricity

6)Double-layer packaging: sealed with plastic wrap and sealed with protective cover


Amy Liu
Sales Consultant
Cell:+86 17686838748
Company number: 0086053186981629
Address:886 Chunyuan Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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