From what angles can the quality of the laser cutting machine be judged?-Serena

From what angles can the quality of the laser cutting machine be judged?

When a new customer inspects a laser cutting machine for the first time, they will require on-site proofing. In addition to looking at the cutting speed, more importantly, the overall quality of the cutting. So in which dimensions can the quality of a laser cutting machine be measured? The following will give you a detailed introduction


The section of the laser cutting machine will form vertical lines, and the depth of the lines determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The shallower the lines, the smoother the cut section. The degree of roughness not only affects the appearance of the finished product, but also affects the degree of friction. In most cases, it is necessary to reduce the depth of the cut section. The smoother the surface, the better the effect.


If the thickness of the cut sheet exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge becomes very important. During the cutting process, the laser head moves from far to near and from top to bottom. When the focus beam is farther away, it becomes scattered. The closer it moves toward the target, the beam becomes more concentrated, and verticality occurs in the middle. Deviation, and the smaller the vertical deviation, the stronger the performance of the machine

Cut lines and burrs

As we all know, the advantages of laser cutting machines compared to other processing equipment are that the cutting burrs are small, the efficiency is fast, and the accuracetal residue will not appear on the verty is high. When the laser cutting machine is processing thick plates, the molten mical cutting surface, but will appear obliquely below, which causes the gas to blow away from the slag when the slag is blown, and it forms after cooling. Cutting dross and burrs. In order to correct this problem, it is generally to reduce the speed when the cutting is about to end, so as to reduce the dross and burrs as much as possible. Therefore, when cutting medium and thick plates, the less burrs and dregs, the better the machine quality!

I hope users will keep these points in mind when purchasing a laser cutting machine. Of course, the culture of a company is examined. After-sales service and service are also the top priority. middle.

The automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter-Ariel

The automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter

Recently,we received many emails form our clients about the functions of fiber laser cutting machine.Today we will introduce the automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter.

With the gradual maturity of laser technology, laser cutting machines have been continuously updated in recent years. Also improve the cutting efficiency, cutting quality and cutting functions. And in face the laser cutter has transformed from a single cutting function to a multifunctional device. And it has begun to meet more needs. It has expanded from a single industry application to a variety of industries at the same time. And the application scenarios are still increasing.  Automatic edge finding is one of many new functions. That’s why, I will briefly talk about the automatic edge finding function of the laser cutter today.

Firstly,What is the automatic edge finding of the laser cutting machine

Under the cooperative work of the camera positioning vision system and computer software. The laser cutter can automatically track and compensate the metal plate under the premise of controlling the cutting accuracy.Because in the past, if we place the plates on the bed skewed. It may affect the cutting quality and cause obvious plate waste. So once using the automatic edge patrol, the cutting head of the laser cutting machine can perceive the inclination angle and origin of the sheet. And adjust the cutting process to fit the angle and position of the sheet. Then avoid the waste of raw materials, and ensure the cutting accuracy and quality.

it is mainly set in X and Y positioning. It can cut according to the size of the product and the pattern. The sensor will automatically recognize it after startup. And the CCD has recognition and more functions. So it can effectively save manual operation time. That is why many users choose this function.

Secondly, Advantages and benefits of laser cutting machine automatic edge finding

It embodies the advantages of fast cutting and high precision of the fiber laser cutting machine. After the laser cutting machine starts the automatic edge finding function. The cutting head can start from a specified point. And calculate the inclination angle of the plate through the positions of two vertical points on the plate. So as to adjust the cutting process and complete the cutting task. Among the processed materials, the weight of the plate can reach hundreds of kilograms. Which is very inconvenient to move. The automatic edge finding function of the laser cutting machine can directly process the skewed plate. And reducing the manual adjustment process.

With the continuous upgrading of science and technology. Laser technology has promoted the transformation of laser cutting machines from a single function to a multi-functional device. Also from a single industry application to a variety of industries. And the scope continues to expand.  So the cutting efficiency and the quality quickly meets the needs of many users.

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How to maintain the Handheld Welding Machine-Ariel

How to maintain the Handheld Welding Machine

Laser welding machine videos-Nancy

Nowadays,handheld welding machines are more and more popular in manufacturing.So how to maintain the Handheld Welding Machine?

The hand-held laser welding machine has a lot advantages.Like simple operation,beautiful welding seam and no consumables.

The laser welding can perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding and electric welding.Such as in the welding of stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized steel sheet and other metal materials.

Handheld laser welding is 2-10 times faster than conventional welding.A welding machine can save at least 2 workers a year.

For example,the weld seam is smooth and beautiful, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost.

The laser welding workpiece has many advantages.It has no deformation, no welding and firm welding, and can reduce laser welding consumables.

Manual operation and maintenance of hand-held laser welding machine.

1.If We must train Hand-held laser welding machine operators to understand the use of system lights and buttons, familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge.

2.Check the working line slot before work, the wire is not damaged and exposed.And it is can’t prohibit to place tools on the water cooler.
3.It is strictly forbidden to place liquid objects and flammable articles on the control cabinet.

The temperature of the operation room must not exceed 25 ℃ no leakage and leakage,and no leakage of air, water and electricity.

Maintenance of welding machine body.

1.Periodic testing.
2.Clean up the dust inside the welder regularly
3.Check the wiring of the electric power wiring regularly.
4.Replace defective parts during annual maintenance and inspection,and comprehensive repair work.

Such as outer casing and insulation deterioration,and regular Maintenance and inspection.

Regular Maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding failure and extend the service life.

It can improve work efficiency,ensure the performance and safety of welding machine.

In fact, many customers said that the operation of welding machine is very simple.

That means when the basic work is ready, turn on the power and you can use it directly

How to operate the Handheld Welding Machine?Do you understand?

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Common metal laser cutting machine-Huda

Common metal laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

Common metal laser cutting machine

Although almost all metal materials have high reflectivity to infrare wave energy at room temperature,
metal lasers that emit 10.6um beams in the far-infrary band are still successfully apply to many metal laser cutting machines.
1. Carbon steel.
Modern laser cutting systems can cut carbon steel plates with a maximum thickness of up to 50mm.
The cutting seam of carbon steel can be controll within a satisfactory width by using the oxidation melting cutting mechanism,
so the cutting seam for thin plates can be as narrow as about 0.1mm.
2, stainless steel
Laser cutting is an effective processing tool for the manufacturing industry that uses stainless steel sheet as the main component.
Under strict control of the heat input in the laser cutting process, the heat-affect zone of the trimming can restrict from becoming small,
so effectively maintaining the good corrosion resistance of such materials.
3, alloy steel
Most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels can use to obtain good trimming quality by laser cutting.
Even for some high-strength materials, as long as the process parameters are properly controll, straight, non-sticky slag cutting edges can obtain.
However, for tungsten-containing high-speed tool steel and hot die steel, there will erosion and slag sticking during laser cutting.
4, aluminum and alloys
Aluminum cutting is a melting and cutting mechanism, so the auxiliary gas use is mainly use to blow away the molten product from the cutting area,
and so usually a better cut surface quality can be obtain.
For some aluminum alloys, attention should be paid to prevent the occurrence of intercrystalline micro-cracks on the surface of the slit.
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Fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Nowadays more and more clients have the demands for tube/pipe cutting.So we will introduce the fiber laser tube pipe fiber laser cutting machine in this article.

We use tubes in countless medical devices and we add new ones every day.  The sheer number and diversity of devices is rapidly increasing. And with it, the demand for more and more laser-cut stents.Like flexible tubing, needles; biopsy devices; and other minimally invasive tools.

Replace legacy cutting machine

Firstly, YAG lasers is for decades have been great workhorses.Cause they have performed well and been excellent manufacturing centers for many companies.

While we update many of these systems to fiber lasers. However they still have old stage sets that are a number of generations behind current technology. In addition, they are running on slow and aging controllers with legacy software.

Simply put, the laser, stages, controller, software, water systems. Here is a brief overview of improvements.It is enable faster and better cuts with higher production rates and less downtime.

Fiber Laser

The pulsed Nd:YAG lasers used in the past years. It has been superseded by fiber lasers with better beam quality . This provides a smaller and more consistent focused spot size.Which offers tighter cutting tolerances, with spot sizes down to 10µm, the ability to cut much finer detail features. These lasers provide pulse frequencies up to and beyond 5kHz and pulse widths down to 20µs to enable energy input optimization for a wide variety of tube materials and wall thicknesses.

Fiber Laser tube pipe cutting technology

Now fiber lasers use microsecond pulses.It offers a cutting speed and edge quality that is sufficient for many applications. Fiber laser is very short pulse duration, combined with peak powers into the gigawatt level, offers a unique cutting capability. And also, the fiber laser has a fusion cutting mechanism. whereby the laser pulse melts the metal.It is then ejected from the part by high-pressure gas. The very high peak power of the fiber laser and a pulse duration that is shorter than the material’s conduction time creates a nearly pure vaporization mechanism. Since there is no melt creation during the cutting process, there is no burr, which is beneficial for such materials.

Fiber Laser tube cutting technology offer significant advantages and capability over legacy machines. It increases productivity with better process capability. Whether using the fiber laser, improvements to motion, controller and control software. It provide new capability for future manufacturing needs.

Following with one cutting video as below:

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Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head?-Ariel

Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head

Do you learn about auto focus fiber laser cutting head?Many clients who never used fiber laser cutting machine asked us this questions.What is the difference between auto focus and manual focus?We will introduce them in this article.


Firstly,Comparison between the manual laser head and auto focus laser head.

For Manual laser cutting head,if the different thickness,then the focal length will be different.Then you need to adjust the focus,so that means,if you change the different thickness of stainless steel to cut.Then you need adjust the focus for every time,that will waste some time.

And the manual laser cutting head,if cut 5mm and 6mm stainless steel,the cutting time is longer.

For auto-focus laser cutting head,it has a built-in motor drive unit.Which drives the focusing lens through a linear mechanism to change position automatically within 17mm. Customers can set the program to achieve continuous focus that completing the rapid piercing and cutting material with different thickness.

The laser head has focus lens inside it, every focus lens have the focal length.If you find the correct focal length,then the laser power will be the strongest,and the cutting effect will be the best.

For manual laser head,that means,if you change the different thickness of the material,then you need to adjust the height of the laser head to find the correct focal length.And then you need to turn round the focus platform by your hand.

For auto focus laser head,that means,for the first time cutting,you need to find the focus ,then for any future cutting,the laser head will sense the thickness.And the motor move the laser head to up and down,to adjust the height by electric,not by manual.

Auto focus laser cutting head

Usually if your machine laser power is below 1500w,manual laser head is enough.

From 1500w, we will set one auto focus laser head to customers.That will help you to get a fast cutting.

If you also want a auto focus laser head for 1000w,750w and 500w. That is also no problem.

Anyone prefer to a great machine.Only you can undertake the cost.You make the decision.

Hope it can help you learn more about it.If you have any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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Influence of nozzles on cutting – Damon

The relationship between nozzle and cutting quality-Influence of nozzles on cutting

When the nozzle center and the laser center are not on the same axis, the effect on cutting quality:

1) Influence of nozzles on cutting-Affect the cutting section. When the cutting gas sprayed, it will cause uneven air volume. And also makes it easier for the cutting section to have melting stains on one side and not on the other side. It has little effect on cutting thin plates below 3mm. When cutting a sheet of more than 3mm, its impact is more serious. And sometimes it will not be able to cut.

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

2) Affect the quality of sharp corners. When cutting workpieces with sharp corners or small angles, it is easy to produce local overmelting. When cutting thick plates, it may not be possible to cut.

3) Affect perforation, instability during perforation, time is not easy to control. Penetration of thick plates will cause overmelting. And penetration conditions are not easy to grasp. Also the impact on perforation of thin plates is small.

How to choose the nozzle aperture

There are several types of nozzle apertures: φ1.0mm, φ1.5mm, φ2.0mm, φ2.5mm, φ3.0mm, etc. At present, two kinds of nozzle apertures are φ1.5mm and φ2mm. The difference between the two is:

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

1) Thin plates below 3mm: use φ1.5mm, the cutting surface will be thin. Use φ2mm, the cutting surface will be thicker. The corners are prone to melting stains.

2) Thick plates above 3mm: Due to the higher cutting power, the relative heat dissipation time is longer. And the relative cutting time also increases. With φ1.5mm, the gas diffusion area is small. So it is not stable when use it. But it is basically usable. With φ2mm, the gas diffusion area is large and the gas flow rate is slow, so the cutting is more stable.

3) The hole diameter of φ2.5mm can only use for cutting thick plates over 10mm. In summary, the size of the nozzle aperture has a serious impact on cutting quality and perforation quality. At present, laser cutting mostly uses nozzles with φ1.5mm and φ2mm apertures. Therefore, when the nozzle aperture is larger, the relative protection of the focusing lens is worse. Because the sparks of the melt splash during cutting and the probability of bouncing upward is great. It makes the life of the lens shorter.

The concentricity between the center of the nozzle and the laser is one of the important factors that cause the quality of the cutting. Especially when the workpiece is thicker, its influence is greater. Therefore, the concentricity between the nozzle center and the laser must obtain a better cutting section.


Note: When the nozzle deforme or there are melting stains on the nozzle, its impact on the cutting quality is the same as described above. Therefore, the nozzle should be placed carefully and not scratched to avoid deformation; the melting stains on the nozzle should be cleaned up in time. The quality of the nozzle has high precision requirements during manufacturing, and the correct method is required during installation. If various conditions need to be changed during cutting due to the poor quality of the nozzle, the nozzle should be replaced in time.

laser cutting machine, laser cutter, metal cutting machine, fiber laser

12kw cutter choose XTlaser – Damon

12kw cutter choose XTlaser – In the past, it is inconceivable to hear that overseas customers drift across the  sea to buy 12kw ultra high fiber laser cutting equipment made in China. But nowadays, with the development of technology, China’s industrial manufacturing has reached the international leading level. Advantage resources make Chinese manufacturing in overseas markets establish a foothold in the world.

12kw cutter choose XTlaser – XT Laser focuses on global market, follow the production needs of users. Purchasing this laser cutting equipment mainly processing carbon steel and stainless sheet. Production scale is huge. And in the global sales network layout, comprehensive processing strength and brand reputation are obvious to all. We got this response when we learned in depth from our customers why choose XTlaser.

In the beginning, the company wants to enlarge and develop its industry around the world, boost its market occupation rate. And it seeks more efficiency solutions for metal processing. After understanding the powerful performance of the laser cutting machine, the customer conducted comprehensive inspections and strict selection of many laser equipment manufacturers around the world in terms of production scale, equipment performance, sales and services, and finally chose XT Laser.

After long-term use of the equipment, it still has stable operating performance. And it can bring good production benefits. That have made our customer further approved the manufacturing strength of XT Laser. Our customer determines to introduce another 12000W Ultra-High Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of XT Laser, from then on, starting the over-speed production mode of metal thick plates.

        Quality comes first, Efficiency comes first.

Our customer purchasing this XT-G Pro Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has been nearly half a year. He said, this 12kw laser cutting equipment not only provides us with the convenience of processing technology. Also greatly laid out the benefits of metal processing thanks to the efficiency and stable operating of the equipment. Productivity is twice as high as previous processing. Production needs can be met by this equipment, both in terms of the accuracy and speed of the cutting sheet.

        Stable cutting, Double capacity.

10kw ultra-high sheet fiber laser cutting machine OR-H are deeply preferred by users at home and abroad, this is attributed to its cutting performance. The equipment has a variety of cutting formats, which can meet different sizes of sheet cutting needs of users. Equipped with a 10kw special laser cutting head, stable cutting and without precision errors, the maximum moving speed can reach 140m/min, smooth cutting surface without burrs, partition dust removal, large surround sheet metal cover and other configuration ensured the production safety of operating workers, accuracy, stability, and efficiency cutting achieving metal processing double capacity.



How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works? (II)-Serena

How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works? (II)

It is inevitable for users to face with some frequently-asked questions when laser cutting machine works. Let me tell you how to fix these questions easily.

IV. Laser output is weak after laser cutting machines work for a period of time

Please check whether focal length changes first, then, inspect the pollution state of focusing lens and whether laser path has any deviation. The most important thing is to check whether water circulation is smooth,  because laser cutting heat will disappear quickly only when the above circulation is good. In addition, it will be better if you purchasing laser cutting machines that offer high laser-conversion efficiency.

laser cutter

And more

V. Abnormal sparks while cutting thin carbon steel sheets
As we all know, cutting sparks are usually long and even with less split while cutting thin carbon steel sheets. Abnormal sparks will certainly affect the smoothness and quality of workpiece surface. At this moment, nozzle depreciation shall be blamed for that if other parameters are within normal range. Please replace the nozzle, otherwise, increase the cutting gas pressure.

When screw thread between nozzle and laser cutting head becomes loose, please stop cutting to check the connection status of laser cutting head and thread up the screw.

VI. Piercing-through failure

Generally speaking, laser cutting machines adopt the pattern of blast piercing and pulse piercing. In view of better piercing quality of the latter, HSG prefers to the pulse piercing. During actual cutting, the piercing speed and quality are usually affected by machine power, focal length, nozzle position, cutting gas pressure, etc. Any improper handling may give rise to poor-quality piercing. In such case, you may change above cutting parameters, or adjust laser power, that is, change pulse width and frequency.

VII. Out-of-shape round hole or straight line

First of all, you need to check whether laser cutting control software is in normal work. Specific practice is to draw a straight line and observe whether laser cutting head moves in a straight line, so as to judge whether software should answer for that. Besides, the looseness degree of mechanical structure will also be detected. After that, you need to confirm whether this problem is caused by ultra-high laser energy.

To be specific, you must observe the cutting edges. Normally, they are smooth and flat. If so, please lower the laser power or frequency parameters. Another uncommon reason lies in the focusing lens distortion in laser cutting head, at this moment, please check whether laser beam is intensive and whether concentricity is qualified.

How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works?-Serena

How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works?

It is inevitable for users to face with some frequently-asked questions when laser cutting machines works. Let me tell you how to fix these questions easily.

I. Why protective lens are fast to be polluted

First of all, you need to confirm the type of pollutants. In general, pollutants include waste residues, oil stains, fine dust, water mist, other mixtures, etc.

1. Waste residues

The reason why cutting waste residues spray on protective lens is that relevant parameters fail to be set correctly. In such case, please change the laser cutting or piercing parameters, such as, follow-up height, cutting pressure, laser pulse parameters and so on.

2. Oil stains or fine dust

The reason is that auxiliary gas or its flow pipeline has been pollute. Please use filtering device to filter out the oil or fine dust.

3. Water mist

The excessive temperature differentials shall be blam for that. In other words, protective lens are likely to meet moisture condensation under too high ambient temperature and too low cutting gas temperature. At this moment, please narrow the temperature difference as far as possible.

II. How to deal with the overheating nozzle when laser cutting machine works?

As the power of laser device increases, the high-power vaporization cutting is increasingly popular in thick sheets in order to ensure the high cutting speed and brightness of cross section. At this moment, small nozzle is require.

Reasons of nozzle overheating when cutting carbon steel:

1. The cutting gas flow is too small to cool coppery nozzle down. Please use high-pressure nitrogen as auxiliary gas because it performs well in cooling effects.

2. Nozzle cooling gas is not in use. The nozzle heating quantity can be relieved by above cooling gas.

3. High-focus cutting is likely to affect and overheat the small nozzle. Please change the focus or enlarge the nozzle caliber before nozzle gets hot.

4. Oxidizing reaction while cutting carbon steel may give rise to a lot of heat. Though it is inevitable, you may change the distance from nozzle to materials.

III.Laser cutting machines don’t work after turning on

In general, the reason lies in the power input or output. You may check the power supply and inspect whether protective tube is burned or power switch is out of order, or you can replace them with high-quality products.