1000w fiber laser welding machine+Karina

1000w fiber laser welding machine

1000w fiber laser welding machine.
From last year,the fiber laser welding machine is more and more popular~~Especially the handheld fiber laser welding machine.
It is easy to operate,the welding edge is smooth,mostly no need second processing.And you can use hand to control the welding speed,angle,etc.
Why the handheld laser welding machine is so popular?
Firstly,simple operation.
The laser welding machine only include the laser source,laser welding head,water chiller,operation system.
There are several buttons on the machine,laser source switch,power supply switch,system switch,water chiller button.
And on the system screen,some parameters here should be adjusted.
For different material and thickness,the welding parameters are different.

It mainly to adjust the PWM duty cycle,PWM frequency,laser power.Also need to find the correct focus on the welding head.
Before shipping,we will test the machine,and save some parameters on system,when you get machine,you can weld it and learn it from the system parameters.Also we have the parameters list,when you get machine,will also reach you.
Secondly,Great welding effect.
The fiber laser welding machine has the small spot,small welds and small deformation.
Thirdly,running cost is lower.
Only need electrical consumption and little gas,Nitrogen is okay.
And comparing with YAG welding machine,the photoelectric conversion rate is higher.Means you can pay few money on electrical fees.
Finally,No need maintenance.
Only need to change the protective lens and nozzles after using a period.
The cost of the laser welding machine also going down~~
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Fiber laser welding machine operation-Nancy

Laser Cutting Machine Solution-Damon

Laser Cutting Machine Solution-Now various industries such as light industry and heavy industry widely use the Laser cutting machines . At present, there are traditional cutting machines. Such as plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines and laser cutting machines. In the metal cutting machine, there are currently traditional cutter cutting machines and laser cutting machines. The individual laser cutting machines are mainly metal sheet metal processing, metal cutting. And also metal cutting, casing, chassis cutting processing, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, instrument exterior panels, elevator panels and other industries.

Laser Cutting Machine Solution

At present, laser cutting machines are divided into medium and small power and high power cutting machines. The medium and small power cutting machines are individually below 1000W. The price is absolutely cheap. And the thickness of the cutting metal does not exceed 10 thicknesses. The high-power laser cutting machine is more than 1000W or even several kilowatts. The cutting thickness is thick. The price is relatively high, and the processing of large manufacturers such as auto parts is more suitable.

Carbon steel plate cutting: The modern laser cutting system can cut the maximum thickness of carbon steel plate by 20mm and the slit of the thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1mm. The laser-cut low-carbon steel has a very small heat-affected zone and is flat and has a good verticality. For high carbon steel, laser cutting trimming quality is better than low carbon steel, but its heat affected zone is larger. The XTLASER laser cutting machine has a maximum cutting depth of 250mm.

Stainless steel cutting: laser cutting makes it easier to cut stainless steel sheets. XT laser’s low-power 500w laser cutting system cuts stainless steel up to 4mm.

Alloy steel plate cutting: Most alloy steels can be cut by laser, and the quality of trimming is good. However, tool steels and hot-mould steels with high tungsten content will have corrosion and slag during laser cutting.

laser cutter

High power fiber laser cutting machine

Running cost of fiber laser cutter-Flora

Running cost of fiber laser cutter

When fiber laser cutting machine working, there are somethings to consume. Now, let us tell the running cost of fiber laser cutter with you.

Electric power

Real machine running cost occupy 60%~70%. For 4 kw plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, the rate power is about 44 kw*60%~70%. The real electric power cost is 26.4~38 kw/h.

Auxiliary gas

When cutting carbon steel, the machine will need Oxygen. When cutting aluminum, the Nitrogen need to consumed. One bottle of Oxygen is about $50.

The thicker carbon steel you cut, the less Oxygen pressure you need, because if use higher Oxygen pressure for thicker sheet, it will be burned. For aluminum, the thicker metal sheet, the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs. For example, if cut 1 mm aluminum, use 10 kg Nitrogen. If cut 4 mm aluminum, need 20 kg Nitrogen.

Quick wearing parts

The quick wearing parts mainly including nozzle and protective lens. Usually consumes 20~30 pieces in the first year, but the consume will be reduced later. The consume rate have big relationship with worker’s operation. Protective lens $15/piece, so the cost of nozzle and protective lens is about 500 dollars at first year.

XT LASER already shipped many laser cutting machines home and abroad, and has won an excellent reputation in the global market, domestic laser research institutes maintained long-term friendly cooperation.

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Fiber laser cutting machine 3000W-Flora

Fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

1. With the high temperature in summer, the working pressure of cooling system of fiber laser cutting machine 3000w  will increase. XT laser suggest that the internal pressure of cooling machine need to check before the high temperature comes.

Fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

Fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

So Note: Different manufacturers of chiller pressure is different, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer before the maintenance of specific parameters.

2. As the mainly dust of the fiber laser cutting machine is metal powder, it is recommend to periodically clean the dust in the electric cabinet of the fiber laser cutting machine and check the working conditions of the radiating fan.

3. When it is high temperature, the  cooling water deterioration speed will accelerate.

Customers who use fiber laser cutting machine should use distilled water.  Or pure water to clean up the scale regularly to avoid the laser source and water pipeline to attach scale to affect the laser power.

So Note: Different types of laser cutting machines, cleaning methods are different, please operate under the guidance of equipment manufacturers.

4. Therefore, cooling water temperature should be same as the air temperature.

The laser and optical lens of the fiber  laser cutting machine use water cooling method. Because the water in the air will condense into ice when the cooling water is cold, when the cooling water temperature is too low, the surface of laser and optical lens will be condensed with water, which greatly affects the efficiency of laser output and the service life of laser energy and optical accessories. It is suggest that the water temperature have to set at 30-32 degrees and the difference between the cooling water temperature and the room temperature should be greater than 7 degrees.

The frequent maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machines can not only save economic costs but also increase the service life.

Therefore, paying attention to the maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machines at ordinary times can provide a good foundation for future use. Summer comes. Let’s do a good laser cutter protection ahead of summer time.

XT LASER already shipped many laser cutting machines home and abroad, and has won an excellent reputation in the global market, domestic laser research institutes maintained long-term friendly cooperation.

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Laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine-Jenny

Laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine

For the industrialize 21st century, the term laser cutting sheet metal cutting machine is no longer unfamiliar, and it achieve an irreplaceable position in our industrial production field. However, different materials have different characteristics, and laser cutting is to cut the material by firing the high-temperature melting material. Therefore, the chemical reaction of laser cutting for different materials is different, so the material is laser process. When we do laser processing according to the characteristics of different materials, we will get more ideal processing results. Next, XT-LASER laser will popularize how to process more ideal laser cutting effects according to different characteristics of materials.

1. Titanium
The sheet cut with argon and nitrogen as process gases. Other parameters can reference to nickel-chromium steel. Both copper and brass have high reflectivity and very good thermal conductivity. Brass with a thickness of 1 mm or less can cut with nitrogen; copper with a thickness of 2 mm or less can cut, and oxygen must use for the processing gas. Copper and brass can only cut when a “reflective absorption” device is install on the system. Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.

2. Synthetic materials
Keep in mind the dangers of cutting and hazardous substances that may be emitted when synthesizing materials. Machinable synthetic materials are: thermoplastics, thermosetting materials and elastomers.

3. Organic matter
Organic matter is at risk of fire in all organic cuttings (using nitrogen as a process gas or compressed air as a process gas). Wood, leather, cardboard and paper can be cut with a laser and the edges are burnt (brown).

To sum up

Laser cutting machines play a very important role in our work, especially for cutting some metal products. If you want to buy such a laser cutting machine, you must understand the laser cutting machine.With the development of technology, the field of laser cutting is becoming more and more extensive, and more and more materials are available.

fiber laser cutting machine

Why there are many different price level in the marketing-Jenny

Why there are many price level machine?

Why there are many different price level machine?

Why there are many price level machine?

Accurately speaking, each fiber laser cutting machine has the same effect, but has different prices, different service life, different operating efficiency, different component parts and so on. The quality of the core components of the laser cutting machine directly affects the performance of the entire equipment.

1. Fiber laser

The fiber laser is the “heart” of the laser cutting machine, and it is the “power source” for the action of cutting. The fiber lasers with the highest configuration on the market are: German IPG lasers, British SPI lasers. Some people will say that domestic lasers have developed rapidly over the years and the technology is very sophisticated. But it turns out that there are still many insurmountable gaps between domestic and imported lasers in many aspects.

The laser can directly affect the cutting efficiency, cutting quality, service life and so on. Therefore, the laser has become one of the primary factors in the purchase of equipment.

2, stepper motor

The stepper motor directly affects the cutting accuracy of the device. Generally speaking, the feeding motor and the laser are relatively more mature and more reliable. It is not easy to choose an unknown brand.

3, cutting head

The laser cutting head is the closest position to the cutting workpiece and is the laser output device. It consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system. The quality of the cutting head also affects the focus of the laser beam, which affects the quality of the cut.

4, servo motor

The servo motor is equivalent to the engine of the laser cutting machine. It can make the control speed and position accuracy very accurate. Therefore, the high-quality servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting precision, positioning speed and positioning accuracy of the equipment.

Of course, there are many components of the laser cutting machine, and each component is indispensable. The core component is especially important. When purchasing equipment, please also consider it.

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Advantages of Industrial manipulator–Oriole

                Advantages of Industrial manipulator

Advantages of Industrial manipulator


Industrial manipulator is a new type of mechanical equipment in mechanized and automated production. In the automated production process, an automated equipment with grasping and moving is used. It can simulate human actions during the production process to complete the work. It replaces personnel to carry major objects, enters high temperature, toxic, explosive and radioactive environments to work, replaces people to complete dangerous and boring tasks, relatively reduces human labor intensity and improves labor productivity.

At present, use manipulators in many fields, so what are the advantages of using manipulators?

Firstly, save manpower

When the manipulator is working, onlyrequire one person to take care of the equipment, which relatively reduces the use of personnel and the expenditure of personnel costs.

Secondly, the safety is high

The manipulator works by imitating the actions of people, and it will not cause casualties when encountering unexpected situations during the work, which ensures the safety problem to a certain extent.

Thirdly, reduce the product error rate

In manual operation, certain errors will inevitably occur, but the robot will not have such errors, because the robot produces goods based on certain data, and will stop working after reaching the required data , Effectively improve production efficiency.

The application of robotic arms reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

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Metal cutter fiber laser machines:Jill

Metal cutter fiber laser machine

Metal cutter fiber laser machines.

Before purchasing Metal cutter fiber laser machines,we need to know some details of product.It is necessary.

1.Why more and more customers choose fiber laser to cut metal?

The most important is the Photoelectric conversion rate is higher.

For example, if you use plasma or CO2 machine to cut 10mm steel,the electrical consumption is about 1kw,but for fiber laser,it just need 0.6kw.

So after the customers use and calculate,use fiber laser cutting machine can save USD22000-USD26400 cost within 3 years.

It is not a few consumption!!!!

And our customers said,use fiber laser is to improve the cutting efficiency,cause for each hour,the quantity we make more,the profit we get more.
Usually they can get all of the machine cost back within half year.

2.Limit cutting

For the limit cutting,usually the speed is slowly,and the cutting edge with little slag,and the cutting side with laser trace.You can take it into consideration.

3.machine operation

And for fiber laser cutting machine,most customers worry about the machine operation,but we are a factory,not a trading company.

We have the after sales department.

It is to support you when customers get the machine, online engineers,and overseas engineers for installation and training.

Our engineer will go to your factory to install and train for you after the special covid period.And you do not need to pay extra salary to engineers,only need to pay the tickets,hotel and food.

Online way include the whatsapp,skype,wechat talking,video talking,phone call,remote control,emails.

We have online install steps,and videos. We will send to you when you receive the laser.

correct on off sequence of the cutting machine:https://youtu.be/sbXA5Fy30zQ
What we need to do is to make sure the reputation of partners.

So if you want to buy fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.

A professional supplier will offer you the suitable solution.If they only offer you a price,they just want to sell to you.Not support you.

Be careful on such suppliers.They want money from you.

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Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment–Oriole

Advantages and development prospects of automatic loading and unloading equipment

automatic loading and unloading equipment

Firstly, the suction cup is automatically loaded.

In traditional manual feeding, for example, a 3m×1.5m sheet requires at least three workers to lift the sheet. And need an electric hoist to assist the feeding of heavy sheets. The time required for a sheet is at least three minutes, and the safety risk is very high and big. After using the suction cup to automatically load the material. It only needs manual button operation, which takes 10 seconds to complete the material. Because the equipment’s ergonomics and safety protection measures are in place, personal injury and safety accidents are zero. Andavoid the open type. Production is easy to cause harm to people, while improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Secondly, it can meet the diverse needs of users.

When the production site is narrow and long, can load the equipment from the back of the fuselage workbench. When the site is relatively spacious, can load it from the side of the fuselage, according to the different needs of users, it can meet diversified production conditions and achieve flexibility. It can also ensure compact structure and small floor space.

Thirdly, the overall system has a high degree of automation.

The automatic loading and unloading equipment of the laser cutting machine can realize the cyclic operation of the whole process of plate loading-cutting-unloading through one-key operation. It can also cut manually and step by step. It can match with a three-dimensional material library to intelligently divide materials of different thicknesses. Layer management and easy control.

Fourthly, the function can be expanded at any time to realize the production of multiple machines on the same line.

One automatic loading and unloading equipment can load and unload multiple laser cutting machines. In the later stage, if you expand your production, you can connect multiply units at the same time. Without changing the inherent structure, more and more manufacturers will choose laser cutter and will improve the function of laser equipment.

Fifthly, strong your own brand.

The high degree of equipment automation can enhance the company’s brand image and help strengthen the company’s market competitive advantage.

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Thick metal fiber laser cutter:Jill

Thick metal fiber laser cutter

Thick metal fiber laser cutter.

As industrial production needs change, laser cutting has become more and more popular.

Laser cutting machine is considered to be an important means to promote the upgrading of traditional industries.But it still faces a huge bottleneck of insufficient application and backward core technology.

Especially in the process of cutting metal slabs, the cutting speed will be significantly slowly.

And the reproducibility of the slits is not good enough to compete with conventional techniques.

If the laser cutting machine can overcome the difficulties in the thick plate cutting process, there will undoubtedly be a greater market prospect.

Carbon steel plate perforation problem.

In the processing of thick plates, the perforation time accounts for a large proportion. Laser manufacturers have developed rapid perforation technology, which is more representative of high-energy perforation (deep holes). The advantage of this method is that it is fast.

However, the drawback is that the enormous energy injected during the perforation causes the temperature of the sheet to rise,which in turn affects the subsequent overall cutting process and affects the processing of small shapes.

And also,with a small power pulse for perforation, the time is very long (12 seconds).Which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of cutting and an increase in unit cost.

And also,Cutting surface quality problem.

Figure 1. and Figure 2. show the cutting section that is often encountered when processing medium-thick plates. Such cutting is not only affect the quality of product, but also with over-burning and severe slag, so that it does not reflect high prices.

The value of laser processing machines is different from other cutting methods.

And here we share different fiber laser wattage for different thickness metal.

watt Air cutting Often cutting thcikness
1000W 1 cs
1-3 ss
1 alu
1 brass
1-8 cs
1-4 ss
1-2 alu
1-2 brass
1500W 1 cs
1-4 ss
1-3 alu
1-3 brass
1-10 cs
1-5 ss
1-3 alu
1-3 brass
2000W 1 cs
1-5 ss
1-5 alu
1-4 brass
1-14 cs
1-6 ss
1-5 alu
1-4 brass
3000W 1-2 cs
1-8 ss
1-6 alu
1-5 brass
1-18 cs
1-8 ss
1-8 alu
1-5 brass
4000W 1-3 cs
1-10 ss
1-8 alu
1-8 brass
1-20 cs
1-10 ss
1-10 alu
1-6 brass
6000W 1-5 cs
1-14 ss
1-10 alu
1-12 brass
1-22 cs
1-18 ss
1-16 alu
1-10 brass
8000W 1-6 cs
1-16 ss
1-10 alu
1-14 brass
1-25 cs
1-20 ss
1-20 alu
1-12 brass
12000W 1-10 cs
1-35 ss
1-16 alu
1-18 brass
1-35 cs
1-40 ss
1-30 alu
1-16 brass

Thick metal cutting videos FYI.




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