MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Phone Engraving – Alex

Mopa laser marking machine for Phone Smart phone have become one of the essential product in our life. During mobile manufacturing process, mopa laser marking machine have wide application, especially for anodized aluminium case, such as iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI etc. Now Let us check what we can do on phone case. IMEI number marking We know each […]

Working principle of metal laser marking machine-Jennifer

Working principle of metal laser marking machine Working principle of metal laser marking machine is the most interesting topic for the metal laser marking machine. This time, we will share more details of metal laser marking machine. What makes the metal laser marking machine works, let’s click here and know more. Firstly, the working principle […]

Could fiber laser marking machine mark concrete?-Angelina

Fiber laser marking machine for concrete As people know,fiber laser marking machine,  on the one hand,could mark stainless steel, metal,  on the other hand, could mark plastic. But whether could it mark on the concrete material? Also the answer in yes, it could not only mark on the plastic, but also mark on the concrete, […]

Jordan-fair-on-September 12-14

Welcome to Jordan Homelife Exhibition 12-14 September, 2017 — Max XTLASER

Invitation of Jordan Homelife Exhibition from XT LASER Dear All, We are going to take part in the exhibition HOMELIFE JORDAN 2017 from 12~14 September in Amman, Jordan. We will exhibit our fiber laser marking machine XTL-FP20 with 20w Raycus fiber laser source. XTL-FP20  20W fiber laser marking machine 1. 20W Raycus laser source 2. Sino galvo head […]

how to import fiber laser cutting machine from China-Doris

How to import fiber laser cutting machine from China Now more and more overseas customers come to China for fiber laser cutting machine, so how to chose fiber laser cutting machine from market is very important now, mostly customers have little knowledge of fiber laser cutting machine should pay much attention to it. First, Chose […]