Different laser power for different marking outcome-Angelina

Fiber laser cutting machine functions It is known to all that fiber laser marking machine, with different powers could achieve different outcome. Therefore, how could the customer choose this machine according to their own needs? 1.The marking outcome of fiber laser marking machine At first, we must figure our what kind of marking outcome the […]

Why Use Laser Marking & Engraving on Metal Parts- Alex

Laser Marking & Engraving can be used to engrave designs, labels, textures and, most commonly, identification markings into metal parts. This process is utilized by a variety of industries for simple product identification. it improved product traceability and safety, organizational purposes, and much more. Learn more about the laser marking process and how can be advantageous for […]

FAQ for Mopa laser color marking machine–XT Laser Wendy

FAQ for Mopa laser color marking machine Recently, more and more customer choose Mopa laser color marking machine for marking IPhone case, stainless steel and so on. Today, i organized  some frequency questions asked from our customer. 1. Does standard fiber laser can also mark color? The standard fiber lase can marking color too, but […]

Fiber laser engraving machine with deep marking-Angelina

Deep marking on the brass&stainless steel As is known to all, fiber laser engraving machine is popular in the market. It could not only mark on some metal material, like stainless steel as well as brass, but also some non-metal material, such as plastic. Besides the normal marking,  it could also deep engraving on some metal material. Yesterday […]