Welcome our clients made a field inspection of XT LASER last week

Last week ,many customers come to visit XTLASER factory for our fiber laser cutting machine and fiber laser marking machines. 13rd,March,2017,customers from India come and have a field inspection of our machine: 15th,March,2017.Spain Customer came for our fiber laser cutting machine: 16th,March,2017.Russia customer came for fiber laser cutting machine: 17th,March,2017.Belgium customer came for fiber laser […]

Sobre de XT-LASER

sobre de xt-lsaer xt-laser en jinan de china en 2004añosestablecer ahora ellos tener 13años。 prolongado en hoy。tenemos confianza en sobre deláserpor crecer。 ahora en china XT-LASER es muy bien,enlásercampo XT-LASER cada vezmásbien。 quiero enláserdemáquinapor XT-LASER en prontomásbien。 ahora en usa.europa de cliente tener muchas。todos cliente en XT-LASER es nosotros amigo。 creas。gracias ellospáznosotros。 ahora en XT-LASER […]

Why XT LASER laser cutting machine?

XT LASER has utilized its experience in laser cutting technology to develop an affordable and cost effective entry into the world of fiber laser cutting Trusted Brand Developed by 13 years company in China, XT LASER benefits from its extensive experience in laser cutting as one of the industry’s most trusted brands and the advantages of local […]

What are the performance advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?

In recent years on the international market ,Fiber laser cutting machine, a new invention of a new type of cutting machine products, this cutting machine products, whether in cutting speed, or in the mechanical volume has an absolute advantage, today we mainly Talk about the main advantages of the fiber laser cutting machine performance reflected […]

How to Choose the Best Laser Machine for Your Marking Application

When it comes to laser marking machines, most first-time customers find it difficult to pick the right machine for their application. The reason is there are a variety of machines available in the marketplace, each designed with different lasers and materials. The wrong choice can lead to immense expenditure in terms of time, effort, and […]