The brie introduction of BCS 100 height controller

BCS100 independent capacitor height controller (hereinafter referred to as BCS100) adopts a closed-loop control method to control the excitation The light cutting capacitor follower is a high-performance capacitor height adjustment device. Except for controllers similar to other products In addition to the type, BCS100 also provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface, which can […]

How to solve molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process ?

When oxygen is used as the auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine, the molten metal will be oxidized during the perforation process, and whiskers will not be formed, and the adhesion with the surface of the stainless steel material is not strong. When nitrogen is used as the auxiliary gas, the molten metal will […]

What should we prepare before installation of fiber laser cutting machine

Room should be clean, no dust; .Alcohol,Pure water. Purity is 99.99%,if we need change the lens of laser head,we need to use it.And in your future using,you also need it to clean the lens. Water chiller need pure water,not the normal water. If the quality of pure water is not particularly good, it is recommended […]

How to clean the protective lens in the laser cleaning machine

It is important to clean the protective lens on the laser cleaning machine when you use it for several times.   Toward light to check the protection lens, if not dust on  surface, set it in protection holder. If there is dust on surface, please kindly do as following steps : ① Tools : Dust-free […]

Iron casting VS Thick plate welding machine bed

First of all, there will surely be some faults in Iron casting machine bed, especially for current factories, who produce machine beds. Most of them only choose some mixed, not good quality irons, as a result, machine quality can not be assured. Also, in market, total weight of iron casting machine bed is no heavier […]