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– Know more about automatic loading system

The main advantages of automatic loading machine:

1. Automatic loading system can eliminate dust pollution, improve working environment. And it reduces the pollution of materials by the environment and personnel, improve the cleanliness;

2. Due to the pipe line transportation, it occupies a small space and complete the powder transportation in a small space. So that the work space is beautiful ;

3. Especially not limit by the long and short distance. And the vacuum feeder can reduce the energy and improve work efficiency;

4. It is the first choice for most powder material conveying methods;

5. And is applicable to powder products with good flow performance, in line with GMP standards;

6. It can design in many aspects for different materials, and a lot of vacuum source designs. So a negative pressure work station can do that.

Working characteristics of automatic loading machine

1. It is easy to install and can be moved. So if mixers use the same material, then only one feeding machine  feed multiple mixing machines at the same time. And it reduces manual processing and making the feeding work safer.

2. It has reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance. So comparing with the vacuum feeder. Therefore it can avoid the trouble of frequently cleaning the filter;

3. And the use of international advanced electrical control components . And brand-name motors to ensure safe and reliable system operation, maximum feeding volume of 3 tons per hour;

4. This machine has a wide range of applications. So it can load  with powder, powder mixture, and crusher. And it can also be used for the transportation and loading in the production process of medicine and chemical industry

5. Less energy consumption, only about one-third compared with traditional vacuum feeder and spring dust feeder.

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