Introduction for Auto focusing system of Galvo Laser-lisa

Introduction for Auto focusing system of Galvo Laser

Special Notice: besides
1. Before starting up the marking system, please carefully check whether the wiring
sequence of DB25 on the scanner housing is connected correctly or not, otherwise the
galvanometer scanner can not work normally or even damage. moreover
2. Two motors and drive boards must be connected according to corresponding serial
numbers and can not be interchangeable, otherwise there will appear self-excitation
3. Since Please ensure the accuracy of the laser light path output, otherwise it will affect the
accuracy of marking, or even it will lead to marking displacement and non-uniform of laser
intensity, etc.
4. Please DO NOT adjust potentiometers on driver board or dissemble the galvanometer
scanners without authorization. because

Sino-Galvo’s galvanometer motors are designed by adopting the magnet-moving
structure,combining the most advanced international photoelectric sensor technology and
the PDM control mode, and using the Military-grade processes and technologies.
The model SG2206-A galvo scanner has the good running stability, high positioning accuracy,
fast marking speed, strong anti-interference ability, the overall performance of SG2206-A
has reached the international leading level in this field. The advantages are as following:

■ Adopted the photoelectric sensors which imported from America, and owned the
proprietary intellectual property rights.

■Differential photoelectric sensor for accurate detection of motor rotor position, good
linearity, lower drift, high resolution and repeat positioning. in summary

■Accurate load design for 10 mm mirrors, high accuracy of motor assembly, reasonable
structure, very small static friction coefficient and zero offset, all ensured the best dynamic
characteristics for the whole system.

■ Design of overload, over-current and reverse connect protection, makes the system
running more reliable. however
■ This scanner system solved the common problems of motor temperature drift, signal
interference and zero drift, etc.
■ Autofocus mode, one key for positioning to the default focus height quickly, improving the
operation efficiency, also
■ The video positioning function can take the initiative to locate the angle and position of the
target product, achieving a precision marking without jig, improving efficiency and
enhancing the consistency of processing.

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