Auto focus cutting head of Fiber laser cutting machine,how to implement?-Jill

Auto focus cutting head of Fiber laser cutting machine?how to implement?

Auto focus cutting head.

As you know,fiber laser cutting machine has many advantage.The cutting precision is high.Cutting surface is smooth.No need to deal with the surface after cutting.Cutting effect is good.No matter it is thin or thick metal.However,the focus point also influences the good cutting effect .Good focus help good effect.

So,what is the focus control?

If u know machine well,u must know that.

When cut different thick metal.In order to get a good effect.We need to set the different focus point on the different position.

Such as.

For thin carbon steel,we set focus point on the surface.

Thick carbon steel,we set the focus point over the top surface.

For stainless steel,we set the focus point below the bottom surface.

This is what we call the focus point.

Auto focus?Adjust the height?

At the first period of machine development.We adjust the focus mainly by manual.

With the development of laser,more and more choose auto focus laser head.

Maybe some customers have confusion.

Inside the cutting head,it fix the light path.

If we adjust the height of laser head,it is to adjust the focus?

When we lift the laser head,the focus point is higher.

when we lower down the laser head,the focus point is lower.

However,the truth is.It is not that simple.

Bottom of cutting head is nozzle.during the cutting process.the distance between the nozzle and cutting piece surface is about 0.5-1.5 mm. So we see this as a fixed value.So we can not change the nozzle height.We can not adjust the focus by lifting and lower the laser head.Otherwise machine can not cut.

Two ways to achieve auto focus

First,use a motor to drive focus lens

The focus of focus lens is fixed.So we can not adjust the focal length to adjust the focus point.If we change the location of focus lens.we can adjust the focus point.Lower the focus lens,so the focus point is lower.Up the focus lens,so the focus point up.This is surely one way to adjust the focus.We use a motor to drive focus lens to be up and down.So we can achieve the auto focus.

Second,set an adjustable mirror

Another way to adjust the focus.

before beam enters the focus lens,we can set an adjustable mirror.Adjust the Mirror curvature.It can change the Divergence angle of the reflected beam.Thereby changing the focus position.

With the auto focus function.When we produce the different metal.Different thickness,machine can set the focus. To the most suitable position with a high speed.Thus can improve the cutting efficient.We can also reduce greatly the perforation time for thick metal .

So,for laser cutting machine.The auto focus function is an important and Indispensable function.

Fiber laser cutting machine.The auto focus function,not only can achieve the automation goal.But also significantly improve the processing efficiency.

We can reduce the perforation time for thick metal.For the different material and different thickness.The machine can automatically set focus on the most suitable position.

If budget is enough,we suggest auto focus.It can help u reduce so much time.

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