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Nine standard to determine cutting quality -Anne

Nine standard determine to  fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality To determine the quality of fiber laser cutting machine quality is the most intuitive to determine the best performance of laser cutting equipment, here we list some of the nine standard. 1. Roughness. fiber laser cutting machine section will form a vertical pattern, the depth of the groove determines the roughness of the cutting surface, the more shallow the lines, the more smooth cutting section. Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, but also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to minimize roughness, so the more shallow lines, the higher the quality of cutting. 2. Verticality. If the thickness of the sheet metal exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is very important. Far away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent, depending on the position of the focus, the cutting is widened toward the top or bottom. The cutting edge deviates from the vertical line by a few millimeters, the more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality. 3. Cutting width. The width of the cut does not generally affect the quality of the cut, and the cut width has an important effect only when a particularly precise profile is formed inside the part. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum internal meridian of the contour. When the plate thickness increases, the cutting width The increase. So want to ensure the same high precision, no matter how much the width of the workpiece, the workpiece in the fiber laser cutting machine processing area should be constant. 4. Lines. When cutting a thick plate at high speed, the molten metal does not appear in the incision beneath the vertical laser beam, but is ejected later than the laser beam. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge, and the lines follow the moving laser beam. To correct this problem, the feed rate is reduced at the end of the cutting process, and the behavior of the lines can be largely eliminated. 5.Glitch. The formation of the burrs determines a very important factor in the quality of the laser cutting, since the removal of the burrs requires additional effort, so the amount of burr is serious and how much is able to visually determine the quality of the cut. 6. Material deposition.  fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine The fiber laser cutting machine touches a layer of oil containing special liquid on the surface of the workpiece before it begins to melt and pierce. […]

plate and tube laser cutting machine–Wendy

plate and tube cutting machine Do you need cut both metal plate sheet and tube?  Then the plate and tube laser cutting machine will be the best suitable choice, any details about the tube introduction? For our plate and tube cutting machine for pipe rotating, sharing the machine configurations with you. The tube cutting capability […]

The advantages of fiber laser metal cutting machine : Charry

The advantages of fiber laser metal cutting machine The advantages of fiber laser metal cutting machine. Laser cutting machine is a high-tech products, laser cutting machine production is a milestone in the machinery industry progress. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of laser cutting machine. 1.high precision. Normally, the laser cutting positioning […]

MOPA fiber laser marking machine-4-Clara

In last articles, we have talked a lot about technical support of MOPA fiber laser marking machine. Today we just tell story about our clients. Norway client story In 28th, July, we got a client from Norway. He was looking for a fiber laser marker, which is mostly used for rings bracelets and necklac. Nearly all his […]